What's in the Box?

Hello there, you beautiful creature! You are entering the webified notebook of Carl Douglas, a freelance animator and graphic artist based in Ohio, United States. Animation and digital art have been passions of mine since receiving my first Wacom tablet one unsuspecting afternoon in 2003, and I have been enamored with advancing my abilities in the field ever since.

In the past, my skills have been lent toward projects ranging from music videos to video games, in mediums from vector to low bit-depth pixel art, and genres from epic adventure games to puzzlers and platformers. Take a look through my portfolio, and let me know if you are looking for more artwork of a particular type. I have many varied samples of work available. So, if you are seeking potential graphic artists or animators for your project or business, just ask!

Enjoy a look through this blog if you are interested in taking a peak at what the world would look like if news only came around every month... or two. There is important art to be done, the blog will forgive me. I do have fantasies about posting tricky solutions to problems I've encountered with art related work, or cataloging progress as I learn new software. There's just no guarantee when the time or urge to post will show it's face, so subscribe if you like and pop by whenever there is sharing to be done!

Most importantly - HAVE NO FEAR! I encourage anybody with questions or job inquiries to contact me here. Thanks for indulging your curiosity by reading this, I’m really looking forward to putting words in your face and hearing from you!