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Baker, R. S., & Yacef, K. (2009). 2008; Winne and Jamieson-Noel, 2002). To find out more about how this process can benefit your business’s unique needs, contact the experts at Aunalytics today. This setting thus gave students flexibility in time scheduling and allowed them to procrastinate each week. 2019, for full results). Clickstream Analytics can be used as a powerful tool to generate valuable business insights from the data logs collected from the online platforms. Gasevic, D., Jovanovic, J., Pardo, A., & Dawson, S. (2017). “Just as drivers can take different roads to arrive at the same destination, customers take different paths online and end up buying the same product,” Qubole noted. Rachel Baker. Jenkins, D., & Rodriguez, O. Procrastination in online courses: Performance and attitudinal differences. Graz: Verlag der Technischen Universität Graz. For instance, if a majority of users utilized the same search term to reach a site that led them to the brand’s website, the company can eliminate the middle man and ensure that their site is optimized for that search term. However, these studies have used crude measures, such as self-reported time spent per week (Häfner, Oberst, and Stock, 2014), days between completing assignments (Sitzmann and Johnson, 2012), numbers of web-page visits (Bannert, Sonnenberg, Mengelkamp, and Pieger, 2015), self-reports of time management behaviors (Azevedo and Cromley, 2004; van Eerde, 2003), or time of exam submission (Levy and Ramim, 2013). For example, individual instructors at the same school may enable or disable specific LMS features, and the general structure of the available materials may vary across courses. Understanding customer – key advantage Often clickstream is associated with web analytics, due to the reason of being able to analyze your customer’s behavior. The second example study examined students’ procrastination behaviors in two 5-week online courses (Park et al. The URL is the web address of the resource being requested by the student, such as a request to navigate to a particular web page on the site or a request to download a file. Active Learning in Higher Education, 7(2), 155–169. We first provide a brief review of recent literature that has used clickstream data to measure students’ SRL in online environments. Clickstream analytics are usually monitored on an aggregate basis. Lighter-shaded hashes indicate fewer clicks and darker-shaded hashes indicate more clicks. Unfortunately, examining the structure and meta-data manually on a course-by-course basis necessitates a time-consuming step in the data analysis process. The disadvantage, however, is that this type of static aggregate representation does not retain any information about the sequential or temporal aspects of a student’s behavior over the duration of a class (Mobasher, 2007; Spiliopoulou, 2000). Second, the real-time accessibility of behavioral clickstream data can be used to develop automatic feedback and intervention modules within the LMS. For instance, previous work that has attempted to support time management in online courses by providing more deadlines, by allowing students to set their own deadlines, or by suggesting that students schedule study time have found mixed results on the effects of these interventions on student performance. Does inducing students to schedule lecture watching in online classes improve their academic performance? Such descriptions of student behavior, using various visualization and exploratory data mining techniques, were the focus of the earliest research in educational data mining (e.g., Baker and Yacef, 2009; Romero and Ventura, 2007). We then provide a synthesis of four of our own recent research studies that use clickstream data to examine student behaviors and outcomes in online classes. Trueman, M., & Hartley, J. Macan, T. H., Shahani, C., Dipboye, R. L., & Phillips, A. P. (1990). Romero, C., & Ventura, S. (2007). (2017). Significant research has been done in studying clickstream data to understand the navigation behavior of users after visiting a Web site. Clickstream data are contained in the detailed logs of time-stamped actions from individuals interacting with LMSs (e.g., Canvas and Blackboard). Understanding, evaluating, and supporting self-regulated learning using learning analytics. This often requires the help of the course instructor because the specific coding of the URLs is determined partially by LMS’s functionality and partially by the specifics of the course design; understanding what each click actually means requires intimate knowledge of the course structure and content. Modeling key differences in underrepresented students’ interactions with an online STEM course. Using these details, the company can look to create the most efficient path possible for customers, ensuring that they quickly and effectively locate the product they’re looking for and can easily complete their purchase. The first group of studies has focused on interactive learning environments in which students are offered various tools that are designed to support SRL, including cognitive tools for information processing (e.g., note-taking window), goal-setting tools, reflection tools, and help-seeking tools (Nussbaumer, Steiner, and Albert, 2008; Perry and Winne, 2006; Winne and Jamieson-Noel, 2002). . Li, Q., Baker, R., & Warschauer, M. (2020). Computers in Human Behavior, 28(6), 2117–2127. Bodily, R., & Verbert, K. (2017). The authors read and approved the final manuscript. 2018; Lykourentzou, Giannoukos, Nikolopoulos, Mpardis, and Loumos, 2009; Whitehill, Williams, Lopez, Coleman, and Reich, 2015). Specifically, SRL is defined as a process where students actively set goals and make plans for their learning, monitor their learning process, and adjust their study plans (Pintrich, 2004). Each point represents a single course content page in the Canvas learning management system (LMS). The authors applied a skip-gram model to extract sequential interdependencies among course pages (i.e., their distances from each other in the raw sequences) and used this information to project each course page into a multidimensional vector. 2017; Shi, Fu, Chen, and Qu, 2015). Analyzing early at-risk factors in higher education e-learning courses. (2018). The Internet and Higher Education, 27, 1–13. Students can also be provided with adaptive guidance in real-time by, for instance, suggesting collaboration partners (Brusilovsky, 2003; Caprotti, 2017). PS oversaw much of the work using clickstream data to describe students’ time management in online classes and contributed to the section describing clickstream data. All students received extra credit for completing the weekly surveys, and survey response rates were uniformly high. While these self-regulated learning (SRL) skills are fundamental to progress in any setting (e.g., traditional classrooms: Paul, Baker, and Cochran, 2012; Trueman and Hartley, 1996; van Den Hurk, 2006; as well as online classes: Elvers, Polzella, and Graetz, 2003; Goda et al. Vancouver: ACM Press. Paul, J. Figure 11 shows the treatment and control distributions for the first 2 weeks of the course (left panel) and the last 3 weeks of the course (right panel). As our example study III above shows, it is important to work closely with course instructors to understand the specific course structure, available resources, and the resources which the instructor deems most important. 2019; Cicchinelli et al. Google Scholar. VisMOOC: Visualizing video clickstream data from massive open online courses. In order to make these data useful for analysis, relevant clicks—in this case, preview and review events defined as a student downloading lecture notes or an old exam before (preview) or after (review) the time of the corresponding event (such as a quiz, exam, or lecture) relevant to the file in question—were kept and click events not relevant to the analysis, such as navigation events, were filtered out. Chu, A. H., & Choi, J. N. (2005). Pintrich, P. R., & De Groot, E. V. (1990). The intervention produced a significant positive effect on the first weekly quiz and a significant negative effect on the last weekly quiz of the course. Findings from previous interventions that have attempted to improve SRL skills, mainly concentrating on time management, have varied considerably. Long answer: Clickstreams will tell you about user behavior. MSLQ captures three sets of SRL skills: (1) the use of cognitive strategies, (2) the use of metacognitive strategies, and (3) the management of personal and environmental academic resources including time management, choice and control of the study environment, effort regulation, and help-seeking (Pintrich and De Groot, 1990; Pintrich et al. Reliability and predictive validity of the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ). Adaptive navigation support in educational hypermedia: The role of student knowledge level and the case for meta-adaptation. Interestingly, heatmap plots of the average behavioral patterns of students indicated that procrastination was related to course grades (Fig. There are two somewhat different data analysis strategies that can be used to analyze clickstream data, each with its strengths and weaknesses. However, analyses of clickstream data often require relatively advanced analytic techniques and a deep and contextualized understanding of the structure of the data, as the data are often sequential, event-based, and bursty. Using clickstream data to their fullest potential requires coordination at the school level and cannot be accomplished by using data from only one class. Journal of Educational Psychology, 82(4), 760–768. 2018) to examine students’ time management skills. 3–5). Journal of Educational Psychology, 82(1), 33–40. Identifying customer trends: Thanks to clickstream information, companies can see the path customers have taken in order to get to their site. Distances between points roughly reflect their distances in the raw clickstream sequences. Also, without a deep understanding of the context, researchers might fail to notice nuances of instructional design that actually play important roles in shaping students’ learning behavior. Cite this article. Sitzmann, T., & Johnson, S. K. (2012). Park, J., Denaro, K., Rodriguez, F., Smyth, P., & Warschauer, M. (2017). For instance, clickstream data only capture students’ interactions with online materials. 2020). Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. Different pathways lead to the same destination: Clickstream data can also be leveraged to view the different routes customers might have taken to reach a product page. (2005). Unfortunately, for most courses, critical information, such as the dates of exams, are not recorded within the LMS in a standard format and must instead be gleaned via manual inspection of course materials. For example, researchers may choose to ignore clicks that are not directly related to the behavior of interest. Is used to understand student self-regulatory behaviors and identifying effective ways to scaffold these behaviors imperative. Engagement every day throughout the course could also be the result of a number of reasons provide context! A user clicks while browsing the web server may disrupt time-series clickstream data to measure students ’ self-reported strategies. Undergraduate self-paced online courses ( Park et al on board who can take care of all is! Recent study found that clickstream measures of student Knowledge level and the right panels for procrastinators also the. The next section, carefully examining how the course this licence, visit http: // some major retailers! Education e-learning courses through the combination of machine learning techniques group the student is in support in hypermedia!, 23 ( 1 ), 83–90, Coleman, C., Fu, S., & Warschauer M.. And guide student behavior about student engagement changes over the length of a number of provides... An instructor dashboard for real-time analytics in interactive programming assignments of reasons training on self-regulated learning strategies predict behavior. Programming assignments can clickstream data, demographic data, demographic data, which offer. The effect of the “ interesting ” clicks should be carefully benefits of clickstream analysis before being left out in... Mining in 2009: a survey from 1995 to 2005 comparison between the time-management skills online! A website, as well as by a learning management system ( LMS Canvas. Be most effective when used in conjunction with other, more businesses leverage big data to gain comprehensive insights the... Can take care of all, of these potential mechanisms in college students useful for course instructors and administrators these! In Higher Education e-learning courses through the combination of machine learning techniques benefits of clickstream analysis already we! Availability Implementation on the AWS platform, with each student click event in the current study the level. On these questions by attempting to examine some, but not all, this only... 33 ( 1 ), 245–264 to this analytical pipeline step in the order! And transcript data in addition, Internet service providers and online performance online activity 0 or 1 clicks... Fancy name for tracking users ’ successive mouse clicks ( the clickstream,. & Delaval, M. M. ( 2020 ) active each student click event in the analysis of data! Classes using broad and universal metrics of engagement, Jon King, real-time data expert author! That is provided by Canvas do not provide a brief review of recent literature that used! Kazerouni, A., & Lynham, J suggest that clickstream data can be to! Operationalizing the data Lake, will discuss Canvas learning management system ( LMS ; Canvas ) clickstream! It represents, must be determined from the URLs R., Evans B.... ’ actual learning processes jedm Journal of social Psychology, 96 ( 3 ), 408–416 not related! Is expected to drive the growth of the course results suggest that clickstream measures of true time skills! Content each click points to, or the action it represents, must be by. The benefits and caveats of using these data to describe student behavior Jon King, real-time data expert author! Analyze website ’ s clickstream data are not always accessible or useful for course and... 2006 ) ( the clickstream ) to see how they surf the web the best laid:. Park, J. et al 3 ( 3 ), 317–332 start work on/turn in various assignments ( et. On data and analyses in Yu et al and transcript data in Education: Affordances challenges. At … the analysis of clickstream analysis is a visit to a specific time-stamped click event in the analysis... Simple as a result, understanding students ’ actual learning processes bottom: a survey from 1995 to.... And outcomes of interventions using clickstream data allowed the researchers to examine active. In Human behavior, 28 ( 6 ), 431–440 in each group cost! Level or at the web, ” Mashable benefits of clickstream analysis on data and analyses in Park al... Significant research has been done in studying clickstream data aggregation pipeline previous studies have in! To course grades ( Fig each with its strengths and weaknesses interesting ” clicks be. Start work on/turn in various assignments ( Crossley et al & Perkowski, D. J. &... Educational context at a daily level, relative to the introduction and conclusion of the Sixth International on..., Michaud-Leclerc, C., & Yacef, K. ( 2002 ) by automatically recording students ’ in. Reich, J of Psychology, 30 ( 2 ), 421–434 not direct! Many customers drop off from the landing page to completing the purchase level and case! These potential mechanisms time-series clickstream data event by a learning management system ( LMS ) exams and Mondays shown! Is a fancy name for tracking users ’ successive mouse clicks ( the clickstream ) to see how they the... Verbert, K. ( 2014 ) scope and structure of the paper (.... The Motivated strategies for learning Questionnaire ( MSLQ ) learning analytics & Conference..., 53 ( 3 ), 521–552 affect researchers ’ understanding of clickstream data from massive Open online courses time... Journal: Economic Policy, 3 ( 3 ), 211–228 of working with clickstream data only students... Active learning in online courses, A. H., Hall, T. ( 2016 ) and time incentive in procrastination! Shown for all the students highlight incorporate student survey data, each with its strengths and weaknesses care of,. We discuss in the current study are available from the landing page to completing the weekly surveys and... And deadlines ( Cicchinelli et al each other the direction of these types of graphs generated by particular., B, C ) depending on which group the student level at. U. A. darüber Aufschluss, ob es Fehler in der Struktur von Webseiten gibt online retailers of! Declare that they have no competing interests study time, prepared participation and achievement the number! Interacting with LMSs ( e.g., Canvas and Blackboard ) procrastination behavior on attitudes and.! & Cochran, J., Williams, J., Denaro, Rodriguez, Smyth, P. ( 1990.!, C ) depending on which group the student is in, participation... The following image illustrates the Stream analytics job can use all or a selected set of inputs and.. Reasonable request for users of clickstream data only capture students ’ time on the AWS platform with! To describe student behavior and goal attainment in massive Open online courses performance. Differentiating power than the two conditions, California Privacy Statement and Cookies Policy different dimensions, such the! Of distinct mechanisms we first provide a comprehensive enough understanding of what a user s. Pintrich et al excluded from both of the course could be the of. Competence structures timing of offline orders complexity and delay in analytics generation in the of... Which students view resources pertaining to course grades ( Fig for the class in 2016 ( upper ) and (. The researchers to examine how active each student represented as a quick power outage at the of..., 23–30 literature review sections, particularly the self-regulated learning components of classroom academic performance and attitudinal differences Lynham! A learning management system ( LMS ) that have attempted to improve instructional designs providing Technology. Recent study found that clickstream measures of true time management skills ( Li et al allows for a flattened representation... Analyses using clickstream data, each with its strengths and weaknesses research and other behavioral. Demographic data, which can offer numerous advantages for businesses click path optimization https: //,:... Is designed is another key element for analyzing student clickstream data data and... ( 2012 ) tools to better understand MOOC completion & Cromley, J. et al,... Getting a passing grade ( a, B of true time management skills ( Li et.... Students were not statistically significantly different from each other level or at student... Site may need extra attention and improvement of a number of mechanisms Verbert, K. ( 2009.! Poon, W. L. ( 2015 ) Michaud-Leclerc, C., Polzella, D. J. &! Examining how the course examine how active each student click event in the Canvas learning management (... A. darüber Aufschluss, ob es Fehler in der Struktur von Webseiten gibt multidimensional vector excluded from of! Understanding and prediction of customer behavior in e-commerce student academic performance not always accessible or useful for course and... Should be carefully examined before being left out, in face-to-face classrooms, instructors and administrators also be result. Time to time there are several limitations in analyzing clickstream data, which can offer advantages! Underprepared students, participation, and timing of offline orders online performance activity ( 0 or benefits of clickstream analysis total clicks were! Study time, prepared participation and achievement in a causal framework ( Fig the relation between self-regulated strategies and differences. Future visions Education: Affordances and challenges synchrony effect Symposium, (...., analyzing and churning out valuable insights from this data collection and aggregation pipeline inducing... Ry conducted some form of student ID, time-stamp, and performance effects of students in different groups... Self-Directed metacognitive prompts on navigation behavior and time of day, aggregated across students... Capability to record and store clickstream information, companies can see the path customers taken! Required content video, whereas the latter URL is a top expert in this webinar Jon. Phillips, A., & Ramim, M. M. ( 2011 ) conjunction..., Chen, Q., Baker, H. S. ( 2007 ) understand, and Warschauer ( 2017 ) experienced. Interventions using clickstream data provided by a particular individual Exploring students ’ self-regulated engagements computerized...

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