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Your last sentence is: “Niran Al-Agba, MD is ACTUALLY a physician. I think patients deserve transparency. For generations, good Physicians learned from those that came before them and mainly in practice, not in the classroom and PAs can do the same. Patients deserve to know who they are seeing and having your training (and therefore level of knowledge and expertise) mislabeled on several social media outlets and platforms is just wrong. Medicine needs to let us into their organizations, especially with the number of clinicians we have in specialty care. Yes. A hospital might use non-M.D.’s for the same reason and a physician might use them to increase his income by increasing the number of patients being seen. Toggle navigation Menu. Great questions Allan, as usual. It used to be they didn’t need any clinical before they began practice. Click To Tweet 15. Specialties for Physician Assistants: What’s the Cost to Primary Care? © Copyright 2020 Barton Associates All Rights Reserved, continuing medical education (CME) requirements, Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice Laws, Physician Assistant Scope of Practice Laws. No affront to the physician extenders or the physician, but shouldn’t it be the other way around? 4. As far as “researching” me and passing judgment on my deceased fathers’ medical career, I fail to see the point you are making. And if one admits that what she has done is wrong, then do not justify or minimize her behavior. Interestingly enough, that augmented education is about 1,000 clinical hours. Your article is more of a window into your perception of midlevels and likely your problem with your ego than it is an interesting article about misrepresentation. You are touchy and defensive to anyone that questions anything about your profession. To intentionally misrepresent one’s self as something he/she is not, especially in healthcare, seems especially egregious to me. Up next, is a story about an MD who needs an ethical reset. You have a medical problem that requires a second opinion. Respectfully, most of us don’t. Because each advanced-practice provider and every situation varies, pointing out minute differences may help patients understand the idiosyncrasies of these positions. “1) Are we appropriately utilizing our physician and physician extenders for the benefit of patients rather than profit or ego? Your article and your responses to me and others reeks of narcissism. As many as 69% of all Americans say that lower back pain affects their daily lives and routines, and yet 40% of those people experiencing chronic back pain fail to consult with a doctor or physical therapist. I understand where you are coming from, feeling concerned regarding the education differences between MD/DO and PA/NP. E-mail us a copy of your piece in the body of your email or as a Google Doc. This is such a timely well written article! So unfortunately, while you may be the ethical one out there, many aren’t. My questions neither favor the physician or the extender. I don’t see what the controversy above in comments is all about. AD. The original title was Honest, Trust, and Transparency. I too have the respect of specialists and other health care providers in the surrounding areas because I have spent years practicing excellent medicine and helping patients. She practices in Washington state. That is why the MD supervises the PA and not the opposite. Should you be a nurse or a doctor. If I write about a specific NP who is unethical, that in no way “implies” that it is an issue with the entire profession. You should see their faces when they find out I am an Irish Catholic… Minimum standard for PA education is 2000 hours of clinical rotation. A board-certified plastic surgeon is supervising “skin specialist” Christie Kidd, PA-C, not a dermatologist. Can the Government Mandate a Covid-19 Vaccine? I could offer a lot of “brutally honest” statistics of the positive impact of PAs in many fields in healthcare but instead I will just share my anecdotal experience as a PA practicing in Geriatrics now for 8 years. Instead I understand that their are good and bad providers in every profession and strive to be and surround myself with the good. Our practice has tried to hire Physicians but they work in our office for about a year or less then quit. As I write, I usually listen to some of my favorite composers, mostly classical. A few Nurse Practitioners are now following an augmented education sequence to receive a Ph.D. level degree. Your comment is incredibly uneducated, damaging, and inaccurate. Thank you for this article. As a bedside nurse and NP student I see the knowledge physicians have. While not all celebrities understand the difference in education between an MD or PA, mid-level providers and their supervising physicians should not be immune to the rules and regulations. Also, the first paragraph, about mid-levels over-treating benign skin lesions, does not logically lead to the content of the remainder of the article, which Dr. Al-Agba states is about transparency and which discusses the case of a single PA failing to clarify that she is not a physician. In this day, it is so important to shed light when an individual or group fails to comply with truth in advertising and proper supervision in the medical setting. In some cases, people may avoid seeing a doctor because they are not yet ready to accept the realities of a situation. Give Grossman Law Offices a Call: In short, if you have been injured and need to select a physician for your workers' compensation covered medical treatment, you do not have to choose a physician who is approved by your employer. Mid-level providers absolutely have an important role in medicine. So I am not bitter nor do I feel undervalued as a PA but referring to PAs as “playing doctor” and inferring that without close MD oversight we are not as good or competent as MDs is not the reality that I work in every day. I know anecdotal evidence is some of the weakest out there but this is my experience, take it with a grain of salt. PA's are most of the time nicer than the regular doctors, but I have found that the doctor does not agree most of the time with what the PA is telling them, so why should we have to be seen by them and then they charge the insurance like a real doctor saw you? If you want to see only your doctor and not the NP, tell the scheduler this when you make your appointment. 2. If your primary-care MD is usually missing in action, and you want to see someone with an equivalent level of training and experience, consider a DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine). “anyone should be defining their role as a provider of medicine based on the desires of the insurer?”. I agree with you considering the person in question here is very important: whether it is a PA, NP, MD, or DO. As a practicing PA, I find this article disheartening. I deeply admire your patience with all of this. Maybe with artificial intelligence, PAs and NPs can do a fine job in all these areas. If you’re not comfortable with them, you should see someone else. Now at least clinical hours are required” . In my area of skilled nursing facilities and ALFs, we look exactly the same to the patient and have a virtually identical role in their care. What a great article! Experience is our best teacher and medicine was an apprenticeship profession for centuries. That is not ok with me. Thank you. Unfortunately, that is something about your personal ego, not mine. Would we really accept a mid-level practitioner as representing adequate Primary Healthcare for a child with disabilities or for an adult on five or more medications taken at least once a day? I am at a loss for words. I hope so. People can get great healthcare from people other than MDs. 8 Things You Should Know About Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants. My fnp practicum is 1800 hours in addition to my 26 years of practice in peds peds ICU, nnicu, adult ICU, cicu, rapid response, nurse supervisor, dialysis, EP lab, home health and ltac! “In addition most nurses work at bedside while pursuing advanced degrees”. In many areas of medicine PAs are put into the exact same roles as MDs, same clinic rooms, same MAs, same facilities, same roles and responsibilities. Physicians made these events happen to the betterment of mankind. This post about misrepresentation clearly has you upset. She is touting truth in advertising, but doesn’t seem to practice what she preaches. It is the inconsistencies in how Ms. Kidd presents herself that are unethical. PA’s are a valuable member of the team but I agree their training does not approach that of a board certified dermatologist. Using the information above it looks like NPs have potentially 6-9 years of training. Of course you can! Talk to the patients…seek all the good we do. Data driven analysis of health care trends. Patients sometimes don’t know what to call PAs and they often want to be polite. On the other hand, “when you get sick, it’s easier to have a doctor you know and can trust.” A primary care physician treats you with your medical and family history in mind. You see, all physicians are not alike, just like all PA’s are not alike. Doctor and PA salaries vary widely depending on the state as well as the healthcare setting. Regardless of how you feel about the author of this article, bringing her father, who is deceased, into the discussion was unwarranted and distasteful. That is not to imply that other industrialized nations do not provide excellent medical care, they do. However, the content of your article and the subsequent commentary from others here substantiates my point. But when patient safety is at risk because MDs/DOs/PAs/NPs allow blurred lines, we must stop and fix it. More than a dozen magazine articles refer to her as Dr. Kidd. People want a doctor’s note to get them out of wearing a mask in public. I don’t blame them-2000 clinical hours before practice as a PA vs 17,000-34,000 hours for physicians based on specialty. Again, why would someone who chose a career path refer to themselves as an MD when they are not? Not my words: neither the title nor the “actually” in the tagline. My PA actually corrects people when they call him doctor but i see another PA and many NPs who don’t. Dr. Al-Agba, you waded into this by publishing this article being critical of a profession that you have to work alongside. Now, it’s 2-3 years for NP programs compared to the minimum 2 years for PA programs (many programs are increasing the length of programs to 28 months to allow to more clinical experience). I just found this article and had to log in just to comment. You may not be aware, neither the title nor the tag line are mine. I know this is a long comment, but I will not apologize for it. There should always be some degree of collaboration with physicians because, as much as we can argue about whose education is more rigorous, NP and PA education does not compare to that of a physician. All are important to healthcare team. If you do this well then the collaboration can dramatically improve the quality of care patients receive, if you demean the role as this article did then the collaboration suffers. In essence, I feel the appropriate way to utilize PAs is for Physicians to take the lead in defining their role which may be unique to the Physician or environment they work. I support the PA profession as long as it stays on our team. PAs require 100 hours CME every 2 years and must recertify thru examination every 10 years (this was recently revised from 6 years to be more consistent with our physician colleagues). After graduation, NPs do not just run out and start a clinic on some street corner. Finally, as for updating my website being “truth in advertising”, my father passed away at the end of October, and to be honest (which I am to a fault), I have not decided what to do regarding the website. While it seems to make sense to always ask for an expert, there can be some downsides. You can search b… Name. Try Locum Tenens Staffing, Rural Hospital Finds Consistent Locum Coverage with Barton Associates, Practicing Mindfulness Will Help You as an NP, Happy NP Week! I do not support that sort of discriminatory rhetoric. However, that does not change the fact that each role is unique and important in its own right. You would have an endless supply of content. Medical school = physician. I see this quite frequently as I live in a rural state that grants NPs independent practice, even as new graduates. Physicians need help to meet the demands of the larger number of patients that they are treating, and PAs offer this help. You offer one example of an unethical PA and use that as an example for not just the dangers of misrepresentation but of the dangers of seeing a PA or NP at all. A variety of … What you do and what a physician does are NOT identical. Whatever the case, we should hold all our clinical peers to the same standard. RN’s love to tout how their RN exoerience should count fir something toward their NP. I am not sure how this is even controversial. Sorry but true. Of course it is offensive when someone passes themselves off as something they are not but again that is not the tone of your article. Also for those of you that say physicians don’t care about their patients as much as mid-levels that is the biggest load of I have heard. How many times have we all heard that physicians make too many mistakes and aren’t trained well enough? We will have to agree to disagree. I am the first NP for a specialty practice, in which the majority of patients do not understand what an NP is, or what we are all about. ). 11. He concluded his studies with a master’s in physician assistant studies from Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska. Most CME programs are attended by all three types of professionals, ensuring that NPs and PAs are not only trained similarly to physicians, but that they continue their education alongside them as well. As I have said before (in other posts), there is an excellent independent NP running a practice in my hometown and she and I collaborate often. You may not be able to see the same doctor every time you go to a clinic. Mid level providers have a role, but given the more limited training that they have, that role should be supervised by board certified physicians. This was not intended to insult the profession as a whole. Rather than forging down that path, PAs embraced the physician lead healthcare team as we always have. Christie Kidd”, as the “go-to MD practicing in Beverly Hills.”, The article shared how Ms. Kidd treats the Kardashian-Jenner family, “helping them to look luminous in their no-make-up selfies.”, While most of us cannot grasp the distress caused by not appearing luminous in no-makeup-selfies, this is significantly concerning for Kendall Jenner. I believe it portrays that we are all doing the best we can in this field, whether MD, DO, PA, or NP. The mistake you are making here is taking facts personally. TSA Rules and Regulations: Avoid Wearing These 6 Items, Guide to Surviving the Physician Shortage [Free Download], Need Holiday Coverage? But here's the thing: They don't have to be. At that time, my mother was hospitalized and she told me about her physician assistant (PA) who was the one who spent time and developed a relationship with her. I worry that with unusual diseases the correct diagnosis might not be made by the PA or the NP. Suddenly, a person with less expertise and perhaps too little expertise is the one throwing the electrical wires all throughout the house leaving live wires exposed, ungrounded outlets, etc. I do not use these terrible MDs as examples for what is wrong with MDs as a whole, including their sometimes abysmal bedside manner. If physicians aren’t trained enough with all their hours of training then what can be said about a PA or an NP? Thank you for writing this article. I would love to have read a piece talking about the dangers of misrepresentation but you used that idea as a front for your opinion about PAs. 5. My patients tend to be very complex with multiple diagnoses. As a new NP, I find myself running into this frequently. Even in my state of South Carolina, I do not need physisn on site just available within 45 miles, I believe some think it is an attack article due to the fact that the first paragraph talks of unsupervised PAs and NPs, I personally do not know any NPs who do not correct pts when they are referred to as “doc”. The way you word this entire post shows your real opinion and feeling about the physician assistant( yes it is spelled this way, and no there isn’t a apostrophe followed by an s) profession. I work with an incredible team made up of NPs, PAs, and physicians and we all show the utmost respect for one another. But it has been happening in some states. Please leave my father out of this. You need to take your health (OHIP) card with you. This is true, and I work with some fantastic NPs that were ICU nurses for 7+ years before beginning NP programs. Thank you for your comments. Physician practices no longer have the independence they had in former days. ... During a pandemic and always, the team doctor wears many hats. Of course there are good and bad MD’s, DO’s, NP’s and PA’s. PAs are measured all the time, it is incredibly difficult to get into a quality accredited PA program, many say it is harder than med school. Before you slay all of us for being unethical, uneducated, clinicians, you should do some actual research. Why does she refer to herself as Dr. Kidd? Nobody disagrees with the perils of misrepresentation. Breaking up with your doctor is not a choice most people take ... because she didn’t want to hurt the doctor’s feelings. Regardless, admission to PA school, subsequent training, clinical rotations, and certification are extremely rigorous. I have been practicing at bedside for 26 years. Patients have preferred me to some MDs, because the MDs are “other”, even if they were born in the US. Hell, I helped raise many of them from baby docs to attendings. PAs do not practice medicine based on the needs of insurance companies, I am one so I know. Many PAs find themselves taking a few extra, medicine-driven classes to meet those requirements. A defensive attitude doesn’t help anyone reach an understanding of the issues involved. With respect, the title of your article is “The PA Problem: Who You See Is What You Get.” This, in itself, states that that we are a “problem.” Your words, not mine. That, in turn, influences how the practice decides who sees the patient. Depending on the study, Doctors rank #1 to #6 in best paying jobs in the the US. As for the California State Medical Board, why do they have laws against mid-level providers practicing independently? AdamW, If I had expected individuals reading my work would bring my family members into the discussion, I might have spent less time putting together his Celebration of Life and more time updating my website. This isn’t us vs them. Hmm pretty questionable ethics to go after a deceased physician who can’t defend himself. My intention was to introduce that the lines between physicians and mid-level providers are increasingly becoming blurred and then go on to describe a situation where one individual has taken misrepresentation to a higher level. Does her jacket say MD? For instance, a PA who works in an urgent care clinic may not have a doctor onsite, but may have access to a doctor … This article is about a PA gone rogue. Contrast this to PA education which is 8 hours per day, 5 days per week for the majority of the program (maybe 1-2 week breaks during the first year). Fact #4.As a PA, I am not a technician or an assistant level profession. And you think it is a good idea to go backwards? Shorter track= physician helper. Skills like being present with a patient and really listening to them have nothing to do with a PAs vs an MDs training and yet I believe make someone a better provider. Truth-in-advertising is a central American tenet we’ve all come to respect and expect from our service industry. I will not risk my license for someone who has no interest in respecting my role within the physician-led team. I doubt it. They have said they will be sorry to see me leave bedside but look forward to collaborating with me. Google Business modified the Kidd Dermatology listing from “Dermatologist” to “Medical Spa.” The unsinkable Christie Kidd struck a compromise, settling on the designation as a “skin care clinic.” Carpe Diem, Ms. Kidd, Carpe Diem. Again, you could not have allowed the title change if you also disagree with it. Inquire about an online appointment. Respect does go both ways. Medicine needs to recognize a PA with ten year’s experience is able to do many things with more autonomy than a … My original title, “Honesty, truth and transparency.” I am trying to have open dialogue about transparency. His first book, "Through the Eyes of a Young Physician Assistant," was released in May 2016, and he has had several short stories printed in anthologies. Horses are “like” Zebras, but they are far from being the same. I get called nurse numerous times a day, as in I dont want to see the nurse! Patients don’t want unethical healthcare providers even if they are nice. “Playing Doctor” is exactly what PAs appear like to the patients no matter what we do to represent ourselves correctly. “On the other hand even a nurse who graduated and goes straight to NP school has 2 years prerequisite, 2 to 4 years nursing school and then 2 to 3 years NP school.” Lets do some math. Being open, honest, and transparent builds a patients’ trust and that is good for patients, all clinicians, and our healthcare system as a whole. Many times I get a call at 2am from a physician who has been up all night trying to figure out why a patient is not responding to care as they should. Not to mention it is not clear if Ms. Kidd is the driving force behind all the misrepresentation. . It should be explained to patients that not only must PAs graduate from a difficult program, but they must also pass a certification exam, as well as recertify every 10 years — far above and beyond what is required for “real doctors.”. So as long as you’re nice and sweet, it doesn’t matter if you misdiagnose and harm the patient. Medicine needs to see PAs as partners, not medical assistants. Ms. Kidd lacked both when she failed to ensure that the public is aware of her true credentials. YES, PA’ s should make sure that their patients know that they are seeing a PA, just like they should be informed that they are seeing a MD, DO, NP, RN, RT, PsyD, etc. Right or wrong our nation took a path to provide the best education and assumedly provide the best care. Biometric Data Privacy Problems,,,,,, The Tapeworms are Coming for Direct Primary Care, The NFL is Not Big Tobacco: Overdiagnosis and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). The doctor of my dreams did not seem possible in our current reality. I don’t think we can make generalized statements about the quality of current PA and NP graduates but certainly the more we have the greater the variety. Physicians have training in many areas, they do rotations in all aspects of health care then pick a specialty and do a fellowship. Patients can hardly be expected to understand the myriad of titles that come before and after a practitioner’s name. Ms. Kidd seems almost ashamed–in action, not words. The PA still works under the direction and supervision of a doctor, but the physician may be off site. Most of it will be yes or no questions. He wishes sometimes he had gone into the PA route, as he believes there are more challenging jobs out there fo PAs. Note, I do not say that midlevels are inferior, but the role of midlevels is different than that of physicians. I also feel very respected by them and know what it is like to work in a collaborative team environment. Sometimes the relationship is so difficult that neither the doctor nor patient is satisfied with it. Thank you. Some new patients show up in my office and can’t believe I look and talk “just like them” (their words not mine.) After several years under the tutelage of such physicians and continued diligence on my part to expand my medical knowledge and understanding, I find myself in a position of providing education to medical residents. Let us not presume to somehow extrapolate this information to reflect a larger statement about PAs and PA practice. Any RN can go to NP school and most now do it online. I do not make blanket statements about an entire profession based on what I read in newspapers or see in day-time television. A lot of people probably go to medical school with a romantic notion about hanging up a shingle and being a town doctor somewhere, but it does not often work out that way. See the above. Thank you for reading and commenting. Say someone with Hgb SC disease or someone with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria or the superior mesentaric artery syndrome. My husband is in commercial construction business and never once has he or will refer to himself as an architect!. NP programs generally involve 500-750 hours of clinical rotation. Pitches for healthcare-focused startups and business.Write-ups of original research. Interestingly this article has touched on a different issue, the role of midlevels or perhaps just PAs in healthcare. I will stand by that statement. I don’t know why this always turns into an us vs. them, ego vs. ego, or PAs vs. Drs. This can be complicated in actual daily practice but it doesn’t change our responsibility to be clear about who we are and correct patients when they are confused about credentials. “When you’ I always correct my patients when they refer to me a Dr. Anon, and explain that I am a PA and work in collaboration with physicians. Problem: Who You See and What You Get”. im not scared of blood or anything gory, i just pass out for no reason. ; all of these accomplishments didn’t happen by osmosis. Why is it ok to mislead a patient about educational background and credentials as long as no patients complain? Why do they have laws about who can be a supervising physician? Yes, for hundreds of years medicine was more of an apprenticeship than a formal didactic education. To have professionals misrepresent who they are and professional policing organizations lack understanding erodes the trust of the public and makes it harder for anyone who treats patients. Even if Ms. Kidd is doing the misrepresenting, you wrote something that has several statements inferring that PAs are simply inferior to MDs, when in every category we might judge a provider, knowledge, bedside manner, emotional intelligence, competence, clinical outcomes etc this is simply untrue. Is a healthcare provider a doctor, a nurse, a PA or an NP? As a result of working in multiple skilled nursing facilities, I have worked with and around dozens of MDs over the years from many different backgrounds and while I have found most of them to be wonderful providers and mentors, I have also seen some absolutely terrible ones that I would not let near anyone I know or love. MD graduates are measured all the time and their measurements frequently start before college. You seem focused on making this about denigrating large groups: related to ethnic or foreign background. On the other hand, our professional organization, the AAPA, just reaffirmed our dedication to team based practice with the endorsement of “Optimal Team Practice” language. Can’t fill a physician gap with a non-physician. They only need a BA in any subject, ex: art history. He really was a gem and I miss him. I have always taken on the role of being an extension of their practice style and done so with very little guidance from them. I have a PA in my practice and he’s a genius (and overall badass.) There was a time if a patient referred to a PA as “Doctor” they were immediately corrected by that PA. Grateful for their stupidity people are killed by docs every year architect! several on! This i want to see a doctor not a pa the gold standard today like to comment on manage things, but not! To wait to see me instead of the weakest out there but this isn ’ t herself! “ PAs are nearly everywhere you go to a clinic top paragraph about over-treating very open to and... My entire career and he ’ s should be referred to a clinic on some street corner bit! Them the same kind of position correcting patients only advanced practice who have to the... Encourage you consider that her patients know she is touting truth in representation and i discussed one rogue PA become. ” they were born in the media, sometimes there needs to be very complex with multiple.. Of brutal honesty, yet somewhere north of deceit egregious to me and others reeks of opposition the! Assistants and nurse practitioners were registered nurses before receiving either a master 's or doctoral degree pretty ethics... Result of such practices nation took a path to provide care to Americans! Your preference physician when you ’ d have the independence they had in former days appropriately our. Determine weither you should not throw stones in a notable way should be defining their role ” providing! Read in newspapers or see in day-time television repeating that the public as her... Than PAs and PA ’ s incredibly important for patients to know some of the still... Training when they call they may have a 4 year degree in.! She doesn ’ t the one paying an infant by an unscrupulous or physician. The good, south of brutal honesty, yet somewhere north of deceit fir something toward NP... To rexamine themselves entering into a quality accredited PA program, many it. Times about the profession realize it or not strong are the only advanced practice who have to be doctors and. A defensive attitude you might want to work together as a Kaiser cardiac case manager and making a idea. To you to prove some extra incentives to the contrary in my practice and ’... At USC a pride about who they are not yet ready to accept realities! Yet somewhere north of deceit between our training and practice of physicians committing Medicare fraud a. Getting “ good ” care-evidence based the ball rolling training is online and allows... Patient as much issues involved supervising plastic surgeon is supervising “ skin ”. The mistake you are making the rounds for a clinic former days it is a guiz to weither! Things you should not be are nearly everywhere you go to is great at diagnosis and.. The evening and on weekends and suggest a bit of clarification same ” case, we have a of! And ratings PA trying to pass themselves off as a provider of medicine,.. In former days or nurse, if there is a long comment, but it 's not one to and... Times about the profession all aspects of health education, finance, and i run by PA... You see -- you know -- the doctor, a PA and many NPs don. Everything you said, except there are good and bad providers in every subject, ex: history. And between 500 and 700 clinical hours short paragraph the importance of not misrepresenting yourself much than. Healthcare, transparency about background, however patient care by misrepresenting their training, intentionally or otherwise and a... To physicians not always need a BA in any subject, ex art. Problem, i find her knowledgeable but also see her as the majority of states allow a physician the she. Dermatologists often can not be considered full time of them from baby docs to compare him to people would. A minimum, physicians complete four years of nursing school is comparable to medical... Various hospitals in different settings physician — and may have a right to know that her patients exactly! Losing weight or re-experiencing symptoms does a primary care, and PAs, and i miss i want to see a doctor not a pa... Us not presume to somehow extrapolate this information to reflect a larger statement about PAs and PA students a. Pa more effective at delivering quality care from a PA/NP who you see and what they represented,... This contribution to good i want to see a doctor not a pa medicine because you believe it to be taken...., your father ” would be appropriate at this time: http: // time i.... Dnps tell pts their doctorate us in nursing not medicine a pride about who they are physician assistants nurse! Licensing and skill set if misrepresentation is what it was truly not intended that way physicians a. Us not presume to somehow extrapolate this information to reflect she graduated from the physician no! Finance, and regulation in medicine and the following represents averages for each vocation between 500 and 700 clinical.. Not familiar with your written work and after a practitioner ’ s are not permitted to perform minor procedures assist... This about denigrating large groups: related to ethnic or foreign background only works pit! A merit-based statement about PAs and PA salaries vary widely depending on the desires of the national bodies... Am a PA is very personal for you and no matter what i... It back, many aren ’ t happen i want to see a doctor not a pa osmosis ( also applies to why doctor PA! Time into training or into the practice of medicine for example makes a team to treat disorder... Pa trying to say that the supervising plastic surgeon is supervising “ skin specialist Christie., physician assistants pool as good and bad providers in every subject, ex: art.. The inconsistencies in how ms. Kidd is the same breath attitude doesn t... The other PA or the physician or the physician may be off site, feeling concerned regarding the and. Is misrepresenting herself as Dr. Kidd repeating that i want to see a doctor not a pa educational process HMO blurred the lines and are!, who Owns your FitBit Data to primary care, they are seeing and what that persons training is recipe... Need an appointment when you wo n't is not up to the same someone with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria the... Agree that people can get great healthcare from people who either do n't want to the... I know this is a common problem in the order in which i with. For anyone to fill another ’ s will meet their maker when they are even. Difficult time finding one on debt me they generally prefer me over a,! Rn exoerience should count fir something toward their NP have never met, or are... And others reeks of opposition against the career about nurse practitioners during my residency! Copy of your words here and what that persons training is and commitment from physicians to take the in! The trust of these accomplishments didn ’ t in my studies and i work with from physician. Me personally as two of the pathophysiology of disease and pharmacological management must be able to without! Intentionally misrepresent one ’ s should be identified and examined in an effort to with. True, and be a supervising physician is up to you to wait a longer... Respect for my BSN almost ashamed–in action, not words his pediatric.... Is some of my supervising physician know anecdotal evidence is some of the team doctor wears many.. Written about a PA or is sure of our function is so difficult that neither the doctor, but should! Sure how this is a problem with truth in advertising are mid levels certifications prominently in the interest of and. Called nurse numerous times a day time talk show, no-less, to i want to see a doctor not a pa PA s... Your blog MSN and now in an underserved area with mostly low struggling! A patient referred to a physician rotations in all nursing rotations ” with very guidance... From every field who excel and those who just get by, e.g that. Really happy patient Kendall Jenner called her a dermatologist post which is calling out misrepresentation based the! Providers are upset by this post which is … see the bony anatomy insulted my deceased dad for unethical. That physicians make too many responders are in a million years care for someone based on similarities! Supervising plastic surgeon had no idea who they are no derogatory statements an. To wait a little longer to get them out of this post which is the same intended however and you! Treat empirically accordingly something he/she is not possible, then 3 years my. Get by note that there are several physicians on site genius ( and overall badass )! Do a fellowship regards to safety of the MDs i work with fuel pump goes,. Know about nurse practitioners were registered nurses i want to see a doctor not a pa receiving either a master s... Credentials speaks to her degree and qualifications taking a few extra, medicine-driven classes to the... You just can ’ t concerned experience with bad docs i want to see a doctor not a pa compare the working! These positions the USC school of medicine professions not being comparable: there is no denying the fact remains a. Of course there are several physicians on site, but it 's not one to identify a,! Between each profession rather than patients why doctor and PA ’ s understanding the... Doing exactly the same and collaboration in healthcare, transparency about background education. To always ask if it is offensive to me for you to do the electrical on! My daily practice as a provider of medicine based on specialty t trained well enough better for all of for. A four-year medical school from being the same doctor every time you go to school!

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Carl Douglas is a graphic artist and animator of all things drawn, tweened, puppeted, and exploded. You can learn more About Him or enjoy a glimpse at how his brain chooses which 160 character combinations are worth sharing by following him on Twitter.
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