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2. Hit home to me hard. The learning activities should be experiential rather than just informational. . Do I think folks who go through degree after degree without getting solid experience bring very little alue to our field? They weren’t going to promote rubbish. I work as a programmer. I’ve tried to put myself out there as more of a youth specialist because I’ve coached and been teaching in public schools for over 10 years, so I feel I have a good background to start as a trainer introducing youth to resistance training. ‘All learning and knowledge is supposed to represent culture.’ ‘It is your collective learning, your know-how and bank of experience.’ ‘I am often highly impressed with the intelligence and learning of the military officers I meet at security conferences.’ To make matters worse, you have folks I know and you know from Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, and in the inner circles of fitness and strength training make excuses for some of these young guys like there are EXCEPTIONS and that young fintess gun knows his stuff, but yet is too lazy to get the college degree or get a formal cert……and most importantly, maintain their CEU’s or CEC’s. The needs assessment should determine the gap between an existing condition and a desired condition. ANYONE can start a blog/website and have a certain amount of instant authority. Rob – I’ve seen the same as well. This year, the district she works for adopted a new curriculum program that is full of terms she has never heard of. In other words, take back your time and attention and focus on learning something of quality and/or depth. Conclusion to essay on Effectiveness of Knowledge of Result and Knowledge of Performance in the Learning of a Skilled Motor Activity by Healthy Young Adults Ordinarily, people need experience and to learn through trial and error, rather than just being given knowledge with no application. ... it yourself. One other thing I wanted to mention – keep in mind when I started writing on/offline in 2002, the game was a lot different. Henry P. Smith: “Learning is the acquisition of new behaviour or the strengthening or weakening of old behaviour as the result of experience.” 3. I think that trainer/coaches should spend at least 10,000 hours in the “trenches” before they consider themselves experienced. Are those experience based conclusions, knowledge based or both? But blogs are superficial and don’t tell the whole story. This has been reinforced to me over and over again when attending conferences and seminars the past couple of years. None of what you stated will change in our fitness industry until it gets REGULATED. Without taking action, nothing happens. In some fields, like rehabilitation, it’s very difficult to know what is true without randomized controlled groups and statistical analyses of pain reduction/healing rates/functional improvement. This past weekend, I was watching a documentary called “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.” It’s a fascinating documentary that Carolina Panthers strength coach Joe Kenn recommended to me, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. The value of explanation is to help us understand how something works so that we can make predictions for how it will work if we change the conditions or try to apply it in a radically different way. You can be super intelligent and super knowledgeable, but if you don’t apply these things, you are essentially useless. I frequently see the opposite, Guys who say “I’m KNOW I’m right, because I’ve been doing it for years and it works for me!” despite the fact that their anecdotal evidence just doesn’t stack up in the real world. It’s amazing what you learn when you stop try to accumulate knowledge, and try to fill in the gaps with real-world experience. Guess we’ll see! All experience and no knowledge means you probably are going to get people injured or poor results. You will see trainers who are training 60-80 hours a week buying his books. (the process of getting) knowledge or skill from doing, seeing, or feeling things: 2. something…. – “if you only had 15mins to train what would you do?”. I Intrinsic motivation transcends extrinsic motivation. Learning experiences that use higher order thinking skills and connect new knowledge with prior knowledge structures (meaningful learning) have been associated with a deeper understanding of content and longer-term retention. Conditioning of behaviour by external interactions i… Most of these teacher candidates entering the profession have ten to twelve years of such experience. I want to know how the best do things, so I can try and incorporate it into my own training and put my own spin on it with my clients. I find this lets me just sit back and enjoy them for what they are: snippets of the authors thoughts on a particular topic at a particular time. All knowledge but no experience means you probably can’t get people results. Thanks, Mike. All experience and no knowledge means you probably are going to get people injured or poor results. Ultimate goal be great at my craft as a S&C and Basketball coach and make athletes better! I just don’t want people to assume that because they’re read every book on training known to man that they are somehow qualified to train effectively.

Python For Data Analysis Latest Edition, Cymbopogon Nardus Seeds, Feature Extraction Adalah, Objectives Of Online Trading, Poulan 446t Pro Price,

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