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Closeup sculpted face.

I’ve worked with 3D sporadically in the recent years, but the work that comes my way is mostly 2D or pixel art, so I have yet to really dig my teeth into the next dimension. Recently, I picked up a DVD through Blender covering Low Poly Game Character Creation by CG It will cover the creation of a humanoid model, sculpting it all at high poly, then baking those sculpted details onto a low poly mesh, rig and animate it, and finally how to import it into Unity 3D.

Throughout the creation process, updates will be added at the more significant milestones for any who wish to tag along for the journey. Could be fast, could be slow, all depends on when there’s an opening between work and parental obligations.

Below you’ll see the character that the tutorial series teaches you to make, but I think it is goofy as all get-out looking, and I know that I learn better by applying lessons to my own creations. Therefore, these exercises will be going through all the processes with my own little character instead of recreating theirs



Here were the concept sketches I threw together before starting up the lessons. Just something goofy and not-too complex.



First pass at modeling it over the reference sketches:



Quickly didn’t like his proportions, so I altered them before starting the sculpting. Here is what my sculpt is looking like so far:



From here, probably going to do something about the size of the hands before finishing up and making the low poly mesh. Will also have a few more things to add before finishing the sculpting phase, such as getting some hair, details like pockets, teeth, eyelids, adding the suspenders/gun holster, etcetera. If you have any critiques or suggestions to improve how I’m working on this, let me know!

Blender, being free, is what I am using for now. Not sure what software I will move to once I’m better at it. It will probably end up being what I see most widely preferred with companies/studios that I want to court for contract work.

What 3D modelling software do you prefer? I would love to hear any recommendations!

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