Mar 142012
Detective WIP 5

Here is a mini update from the first post, Low Poly Game Character Creation Pt. 1,  to follow up on some feedback given over on the Pixelation forums. The initial progress pushed the arms and legs toward being awkwardly lanky. So I took a couple steps backward in order to proceed with what I feel wool be a better model in the end.

New adaptions include teeth, hair and eyebrows, belt, suspenders, eyelids, legs and arms reverted to pre-sculpt shape and shortened up. I felt the sculpting on the pants and shirt was too wildly wrinkly anyway, so if I go back to give them any kind of skulpting detail, it will be minimal to keep a smooth and toony look to it. I also reversed the direction the cuffs on the shirt was facing.

Detective WIP 5So white, looks like he saw a ghost.

A little more to go, some touch-ups here and there and we should be close to moving to the next steps and converting this into a low poly mesh with high poly texture information.

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