Dec 292012

Well I made this post over 8 months ago and just saw it was only in my drafts folder… so I’ll just release it into the world and hope it forgives me eventually. Sorry, little blog post, it’s not your fault!

For this 3D endeavor, I wanted to go closer to my roots. As a pixel artist, the big pixels on this piece make me smile much more than the busier textures of the Detective-ish character from the last round.

Something much more charming about the blocky stuff. Must be all those guardian angles.


64×64 textures this time as opposed to 1024×1024. Made up of 810 triangles.


The texture map was made on the fly, so I just sort of filled the space up as I went, editing and adding things as-needed. Was the first piece I’ve made with hand-made textures as opposed to editing a generated bake result from the model, so it was a great exercise.


For this render the colors and textures got a little out of place (most obviously on the bumpers) for the sake of making the filesize smaller, and I guess I missed an option to disable for the render viewport, but it functions to show the shape of the car better than the above shot.

Any requests or suggestions for subject matter of future practice models?

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  1. Cry. I wanna be able to do these thingzzzzzz aaargh.

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