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Dec 082020

A series of failures led to the crash of a Lion Air flight, which killed 189 people and led to the grounding of the Boeing 737 Max, a report has found. Years before the crash of Lion Air Flight 610 killed 189 people, a Boeing pilot struggled for 10 seconds with the same new system on the 737 Max jet that pushes the aircraft's nose down. These are the only two accidents involving the new Boeing 737 Max series of aircraft, which was first introduced in 2017. “We have learned many hard lessons as a company from the accidents of Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Flight 302, and from the mistakes we have made,” the company said. WhatsApp. The broad failure to fully explain MCAS was a critical issue because the system was made more powerful midway through its development, but many within the FAA didn’t know and the agency delegated the final safety approvals to the company, the report found. Officials investigating the deadly crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 have said this morning that the plane suffered from “repetitive uncommanded nose-down” prior to crashing, in an apparent reference to the Boeing aircraft’s controversial automated flight control system. However, the system was triggered erroneously by a single sensor that failed in both crashes and it continued to push the nose down repeatedly. For example, a Boeing test pilot during the early development of the plane in 2012 took more than 10 seconds to respond to an erroneous MCAS activation, a condition the pilot concluded could be “catastrophic,” the report said. -FINAL COMMITTEE REPORT: BOEING 737 MAX- Contents i Contents . Preliminary report into 737 Max crash clears pilots, suggests anti-stall tech to blame, Leftovers you can’t eat: Black Friday deals you can still get, You still have a shot at getting must-have tech at a discount, Sign up for the Boeing 737 Max airplanes sit parked at Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington, U.S., on Monday, July 27, 2020. Not only was the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, or MCAS, engaged on the Boeing 737 Max jet that crashed minutes after take-off in Ethiopia, but it re-engaged up to four times, according to The Guardian. Sweeping failures by Boeing engineers, deception by the company and significant errors in government oversight led to the two fatal crashes of the 737 Max, congressional investigators have concluded. Madhu Unnikrishnan. “The preliminary report clearly showed that the Ethiopian Airlines Pilots who were commanding Flight ET 302/10 March have followed the Boeing recommended and FAA approved emergency procedures to handle the most difficult emergency situation created on the airplane,” reads a statement from Ethiopian Airlines. Boeing opted almost a decade ago to update the 737 to compete against a similar redesign of the Airbus SE A320 family. The same anti-stall software has been cited as contributing to the October 29th crash of another Boeing 737 Max airplane, Lion Air Flight 610, which also killed everyone on board. After 18-Month Investigation, Chairs DeFazio and Larsen Release Final Committee Report on Boeing 737 MAX. “These recommendations — not a partisan investigative report — should serve as the basis for Congressional action.”. The report also had a lukewarm reception from the chair of the Transportation Committee in the US House of Representatives, which has been holding a lengthy inquiry into the 737 Max. This may sound high but remember that over 10,000 737's have been built since 1967. Details on MCAS were also widely reported in the news media and internal airline documents obtained by Bloomberg show that it had been explained to Ethiopian Airlines pilots before their crash. Ethiopian Authorities Blame Boeing Equipment And Training For 737 Max Crash The findings of the interim report were released a day before the … The FAA said in a statement late Tuesday night that it was committed to working with the committee to make improvements. A key finding involves a long-standing practice — which was expanded by Congress several times — to deputize Boeing employees to act in behalf of FAA while reviewing aircraft designs. La catastrophe industrielle qu'est le Boeing 737 MAX connaît un nouveau rebondissement. The FAA grounded the 737 MAX three days after the Ethiopian Airlines crash, following similar actions taken by China, the European Union, and Canada, among others and still grounded. Where Do We Go From Here? The Senate Commerce Committee plans to vote on a bipartisan bill on Wednesday. The report also said the responses by Boeing and the FAA to the first accident — warnings to pilots issued in early November 2018 — weren’t adequate to prevent a second crash. Google+. Twitter. The guidance on how to avoid an accident during an MCAS failure detailed the symptoms pilots would see and reminded crews how to shut it off. The FAA must approve the new software and training procedures before the Max can return to commercial flight. Boeing and regulators had approved the design under the assumption that flight crews could recognize and override a malfunction of the system within a few seconds. By signing up you are agreeing to our, What Donald Trump Can — And Can't — Do with the Pardon Power, Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know now on politics, health and more, © 2020 TIME USA, LLC. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our, Sweeping Failures and Insufficient Oversight Led to Boeing 737 Max Crashes, Scathing House Report Finds, Pressures to update the 737’s design swiftly and inexpensively, Faulty assumptions about the design and performance of pilots, What the report called a “culture of concealment” by Boeing, Inherent conflicts of interest in the system that deputizes Boeing employees to act on behalf of the government. It faced intense pressure to ensure that — just as Airbus promised — pilots transferring from earlier 737 models didn’t need expensive additional simulator training. Furthermore, o ver 40% of occupants survive fatal 737 accidents. Pinterest. Le Boeing 737 MAX impliqué dans deux crashs en quelques mois Pour la deuxième fois dimanche, un Boeing 737 MAX 8 s'est écrasé quelques minutes après son décollage, soulevant de … In a 2013 company document, Boeing said it would describe MCAS to the FAA as an add-on to an existing system. Empêtré dans la crise du 737 Max depuis le printemps 2019, Boeing fait face à un nouveau problème : une enquête sur un accident survenu dix ans plus … “They were the horrific culmination of a series of faulty technical assumptions by Boeing’s engineers, a lack of transparency on the part of Boeing’s management and grossly insufficient oversight by the” Federal Aviation Administration. The unidentified employee asked whether the rating of the system’s risks should be raised, which may have prompted a more thorough safety review. “The reaction time was long,” one Boeing employee told another in an email on Nov. 1, 2012, which was viewed by Bloomberg. Both House and Senate legislation is expected to seek reforms of the so-called delegation system, which the report said is riddled with “inherent conflicts of interest.”. The preliminary report on the fatal crash of an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX has been released, highlighting critical information uncovered by investigators. All eyes now focused on Boeing’s automated flight control software. “The Max crashes were not the result of a singular failure, technical mistake or mismanaged event,” the report by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee said. The 737 Max was grounded March 13, 2019, three days after the second crash involving a safety feature on the plane that malfunctioned and repeatedly sent the planes into a dive toward the ground. The committee criticized Boeing and the FAA for not mentioning the system’s name. Boeing History and 737 MAX Background 34 The final report of the Ethiopian Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau is reportedly “under progress”. Those concerns “were not properly addressed” and the company “did not inform the FAA,” the report said. “Expert recommendations have already led to changes and reforms, with more to come,” said a joint statement from Sam Graves of Missouri and Garret Graves of Louisiana. A full report into the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 will be released in about one year. Introduction 1 . The House report identifies numerous instances in which it alleges the company should have known that MCAS was potentially dangerous. Vote Now, You can unsubscribe at any time. The report concludes that the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX in March 2019 was caused essentially by a faulty design of the aircraft. “Despite their hard work and full compliance with the emergency procedures, it was very unfortunate that they could not recover the airplane from the persistence (of) nose diving.”. FAA officials have said they debated whether to include MCAS in the directive, but opted not to because it wasn’t mentioned in pilot flight manuals. He accused Boeing and the FAA of withholding information from the families of victims in an emailed statement. “Both Boeing and the FAA gambled with the public’s safety in the aftermath of the Lion Air crash, resulting in the death of 157 more individuals on Ethiopian Airlines flight 302, less than five months later,” the report said. These are the only two accidents involving the new Boeing 737 Max series of aircraft, which was first introduced in 2017. Officials also said that the plane had not been damaged by a foreign object, and stressed that the plane’s pilots followed the correct procedures, but could not prevent the 737 Max 8 from crashing. This gives a 2.3% accident rate or approx 3 per year or one every 2.5 million flight hours. The Senate Commerce Committee is investigating whistleblower allegations about improper training and certification for FAA safety inspectors. fatal accidents involving the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, as well as the actions by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ensure the airplane’s safe return to service. “The FAA should immediately halt the recertification process for the 737 Max in light of this report,” said Michael Stumo, father of Samya Stumo. newsletter, the deadly crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, Boeing 737 Max airplane crashes: all of the news, updates, and analyses, FAA shares new steps for Boeing to return 737 Max to the skies, Regulators have ‘tentatively approved’ a software fix for Boeing’s 737 Max airplane. The system automatically points the nose of the aircraft down to prevent a perceived stall-out. Facebook. There have been 179 737 hull-losses, including 5 hijackings/bombings/missile attacks and 7 ground accidents. Subpoenas have been issued in a criminal investigation into the FAA’s certification process, which reportedly was mostly outsourced to Boeing engineers. The report tentatively attributed the accident to the erroneous angle-of-attack (AoA) data and automatic nose-down trim commanded by MCAS. Ethiopian officials have asked Boeing to review the 737 Max’s flight control system as a result. The manufacturer rejected adding a sophisticated safety system that might have helped in the accidents at least in part because it would have required additional training. “If we emphasize MCAS is a new function there may be a greater certification and training impact,” the memo said. The lack of such an alert was cited by Indonesian investigators as a factor in the Lion Air crash. Executive Summary 4 The Max Crashes . In the case of Lion Air 610, a faulty sensor sent the signal that the plane was climbing too steep and in danger of stalling. Investigative Themes . At 33 pages in length, the report covers various parts of the flight and accessory information, such as pilot training, aircraft information and external environment. 737 MAX Accidents ‘Horrific Culmination’ of Boeing, FAA Missteps, House Says. The Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT) final Lion Air JT610 737 MAX accident investigation report lists 89 findings explaining what factors caused the … It offers a more searing version of events than the sometimes technical language in previous crash reports and investigations, including one conducted by the Transportation Department’s Inspector General. Overseas regulators could take even longer to review and certify the fix. Boeing ultimately concluded that flight crews would react far swifter to an MCAS failure, typically within four seconds. The NTSC final report, published on October 23, 2019 was prepared with assistance from the U.S. NTSB. The conclusions were drawn by the majority staff under committee Chairman Peter DeFazio. Boeing said in a statement it had cooperated with the committee’s investigation and had taken steps at the company to improve safety. “Obviously, the system is inadequate.”. Investigative Findings . The 737 Max was grounded March 13, 2019, three days after the second crash involving a safety feature on the plane that malfunctioned and repeatedly … Who Should Be TIME’s Person of the Year for 2020? September 16, 2020 . But this week, the company said the update was delayed. Meanwhile, lawmakers and prosecutors in Washington, DC, are trying to determine if there was any wrongdoing in the approval and certification of Boeing’s MCAS software. “The problem is it was complaint and not safe — and people died,” he said. The Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau of the Ethiopian Ministry of Transport released its Interim Investigation Report today, just one day before the anniversary of the fatal accident which killed all of the 157 people on board the aircraft.. Boeing within days sent additional guidance to airlines on MCAS and how it worked. The final report by air accident investigators into the Lion Air crash of a 737 MAX in Indonesia that killed 189 people a year ago provides a devastating critique of … All Rights Reserved. 2020 Tested Us Beyond Measure. Get Breaking News Delivered to Your Inbox The two crashes killed 346 people and the 737 Max has been grounded since March 2019. The report — the result of five investigative hearings, a review of about 600,000 pages of documents, interviews with top Boeing and FAA officials and information provided by whistle-blowers — makes the case for broad changes in the FAA’s oversight of the aircraft industry. The report cites five main reasons for the crashes: DeFazio said he found it “mind boggling” that Boeing and FAA officials concluded, according to the report, that the plane’s design had complied with regulations in spite of the crashes. “Change is always hard and requires daily commitment, but we as a company are dedicated to doing the work.”. 3. Le 10 mars, la chute du Boeing 737 MAX d'Ethiopian Airlines faisait 157 morts au sud d'Addis-Abeba. L’accident le plus grave est bien entendu le crash du Boeing 737 MAX d’Ethiopian Airlines, le 10 mars 2019. But tensions between the committee staff and the FAA were clearly evident. One such senior engineer knew that Boeing was delivering Maxes to customers without a required alert in 2017 and 2018, yet didn’t notify FAA, the report said. The following is a list of accidents and incidents involving the Boeing family of jet airliners, including the Boeing 737 Original (737-100/200), Boeing 737 Classic (737-300/-400/-500), Boeing 737 Next Generation (737-600/-700/-800/-900) and Boeing 737 MAX (737 MAX 7/8/200/9/10) series of aircraft. The FAA has tentatively approved multiple design changes to prevent such an accident in the future and the plane could be certified to resume operations in the fall. The committee staffers declined to provide him with questions before the Dec. 5 interview, which made it difficult for him to recall documents and events, an FAA counsel warned at the start of the interview, according to a transcript. Investigators release report on crash that grounded Boeing's 737 Max Officials found that a failure of oversight from the FAA, along with corporate pressure, lack of transparency and design failures from Boeing, all led to the fatal plane crash that killed hundreds. According to a 2016 survey obtained by the committee, 39% of Boeing’s Authorized Representatives, senior engineers who conducted reviews for FAA, at times perceived “undue pressure” on them from management. Republican leaders on the House committee took issue with the report’s findings, saying they represented partisan overreach that went beyond what other reviews have found. Boeing and FAA to Blame in 737 MAX Crashes, House Report Finds A 'horrific culmination' of missteps by Boeing engineers, lack of transparency … Boeing began rolling out an update to its MCAS software soon after the Lion Air crash. Lawmakers are drafting legislation designed to reform how the FAA oversees companies such as Boeing and reviews aircraft designs. All 189 passengers and crew died when the almost-new aircraft plunged into the Java Sea shortly after take-off from Jakarta on 29 October 2018. These are the only two accidents involving the new Boeing 737 Max series of aircraft, which was first introduced in 2017. The push to avoid simulator training led to multiple poor decisions by Boeing, the committee alleged. Boeing is scheduled to release earnings figures on July 29. While DeFazio and other lawmakers haven’t called for a permanent grounding of the jet, the father of a woman who died in the Ethiopia crash said the report raised questions about the plane’s return to service. By ruling out other causes, today’s briefing suggests that investigators are zeroing in on the controversial automated flight control system as the primary cause of the March 10th crash that killed all 157 people on board. Even though the system could have been disabled by flipping two cockpit switches, pilots on a Lion Air flight departing from Jakarta on Oct. 29, 2018, and an Ethiopian Airlines plane leaving Addis Ababa on March 10, 2019, became confused, lost control and crashed. Ali Bahrami, who oversees safety at the agency, came under repeated criticism in the report for what the committee called his lack of awareness of issues surrounding the Max and the accidents. From an airline pilot perspective. Both the model in the 2009 crash, the 737 NG, and those involved in more recent accidents, the 737 Max, had issues with … The company also deemphasized MCAS to the FAA as a result. “We are already undertaking important initiatives based on what we have learned from our own internal reviews as well as independent reviews of the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines accidents,” the agency said in the statement. The update could come , according to The Wall Street Journal, with final FAA testing to take an additional six weeks. The feature, known as Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, was designed to make the Max feel exactly the same to pilots as the earlier family of 737s known as the Next Generation. “The combination of these problems doomed the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines flights,” the report said. A 245-page report issued Wednesday provides the most scathing account so far of the miscalculations that led to 346 deaths, the grounding of Boeing’s best-selling jet and billions of dollars in losses for the manufacturing giant. Since the crash of Ethiopian Airlines 302, more than 300 Boeing 737 Max passenger jets have been grounded worldwide. The report, … A Boeing cockpit simulator. LINKS: PRELIMINARY REPORT: … TAGS ; 737 MAX; Share. Report 1. DeFazio, an Oregon Democrat, hasn’t yet unveiled his legislation. The company had agreed to pay Southwest Airlines Co. $1 million per aircraft if Max pilots had to train in the simulator before transitioning to the new plane, which could have cost it between $200 million to $400 million. 2. Boeing had hoped to submit the update to the Federal Aviation Administration as early as this week.

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