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I was not aware that plantain can be baked or even grilled for that matter!!! I love eating bananas so may give this recipe a try too. We would advise you against cooking a banana to feed your parrot. It was difficult to peel, and when I finally bit into it, I didn’t like it at all. It could be used as a meat substitute (when peeled and cut in chunks) in a collard green soup. Because of their sweetness, kids usually love them. When cooking them, choose healthy preparations including boiling, baking and grilling instead of frying. To keep up with this craving, I’ve planted more than 50 trees in the Global Roots gardens. :). In addition to this dish, I also like adding plátanos maduros to my kale salads. Torta de Plátano. I think it's probably not quite ripe enough when I cook it. Peggy from Oahu, Hawai'i on November 20, 2011: My co worker gave me a bunch of plaintains from her back yard, and I had no idea how to cook them. Once you’ve done that, slice through the skin from one end to the other. Cooked plantains can be eaten as a snack (plain, dipped in butter or salted palm oil, or topped with roasted Spanish peanuts), or they can be incorporated into a meal (in a soup or stew, as a side dish, or with scrambled eggs). Don’t be afraid to experiment with your plantains. You know a plantain is fully ripe when it is completely black and soft to the touch, without any mold. Make three cuts like this, along the length of the plantain on each side, and pull off the skin. Comfort Babatola (author) from Bonaire, GA, USA on November 21, 2011: Hairybizness - Thanks for stopping by. I would try to do some of your tutorials :). Question: Can sliced plantains be breaded before baking? Leaving the skin on, cut the plantains into 2-inch chunks. Plantain must be cooked before it can be eaten, it can be fried, baked, boiled, roasted or grilled. They taste even better with fried egg. Always delicious. If you do not have a grill or an open charcoal pit, you can roast plantains in the oven. Answer: Yes, you can. Make them into a dessert -- such as a pudding or sweet empanada -- or make a batch of platanos maduros. I love serving my plantains this way with Dominican Rice and Beans. First, prepare the plátanos maduros as described above. Add some turmeric powder into the water. Jean Bakula from New Jersey on April 09, 2013: Thanks for a new look for plantains. 18 to 24 months old: Serve cooked plantains as you wish; almost anything goes at this age. Thanks for the votes and comment. They aren’t rotten, just very ripe and sweet. Some plantains do take longer to ripe if they've been harvested too early. I've also tried a mixture of coconut oil with a pinch of salt (optional) and cayenne pepper. Before taking the fried chips , pour a mixture of water and salt into it. I once bought a green unripe plantain at a store thinking it was a banana. Question: I grate green plantain and fry like a rosti, can I use the same method for yellow plantain? Skin reactions may occur when consuming food products that contain plantains or by direct contact with the skin. Comfort Babatola (author) from Bonaire, GA, USA on March 10, 2013: Thanks cbarbar for your comments. Plantain can be eaten anytime (breakfast, lunch, or dinner). If you got 4 correct answers: I see you know a lot about plantains. Check out more cooking tips in this hub. You can put it in salads, on sandwiches, or anywhere you like. I've been hearing a lot about them lately. But, I must confess, that even I sometimes prefer the added delicious taste of the frying oil. I am going to roast my plan Taine in the oven today and have it with my rice and beans that I'm also going to make a nice salad. Thirty years later, I can now say that I love plantains! Cut the fruit into chunks, cubes, or coins. Remove the plantain from the water and let sit for 10-15 minutes. Cut a lengthwise slit in each plantain. Question: Why does the plantain water turn black after boiling it? It is said that this method allows the fruit to retain all of its nutrients (unlike when they're boiled or fried). Comfort Babatola (author) from Bonaire, GA, USA on September 25, 2013: @Edjanse Plantain is a very versatile fruit that can be cooked virtually in every way possible. Do not cook or pan-fry banana for parrots. Excited much! And therefore you're less likely to go hungry or snack in-between meals. Just yesterday, I had fried plantain twice, with eggs for breakfast, then with rice and beans for lunch. Thank you! Only ripe plantain has a natural sweetness to it. Sign up today for the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate. Thanks for the lesson. Answer: I would probably use the same cooking method as with the fish, then put it in the tacos. Make sure you’re only cutting through the skin! One cup of cooked plantains provides 36% of the recommended daily value for vitamins A and C, 27% for potassium (plantains are one of the most potassium-rich foods on the planet! :). curious about this weird food my nigerian friend makes as a quick breadlike "stuff" she made in a pot (didn' like it at all) Thanks again. I'm glad you found this useful. I was always curious about plantain. When applied to the skin: There isn't enough reliable information to know if great plantain is safe when applied to the skin. Many thanks for the tips. The starch content in plantains, a type of highly … Thanks for sharing. Thank you so much And I think your name is wonderful :-). Use a sharp knife to slit the skin from tip to tip. Different people like to slice it differently. I have them planted in my Philippines home yard. This is one of the easiest ways to prepare ripe plantains. Below are ways you can cook and use it if you don’t want to fry. Don't know how I missed your comments. First, preheat your oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. They are usually turned into. You can use them raw in any way that you would for spinach. ), 24% for vitamin B6 and 16% for magnesium. Voted up and interesting. In addition, vitamin A and B6 in green plantain can help delay the onset of eye diseases such as macular degeneration. When plantain is cooked or boiled, these enzymes reacts with oxygen that turns the plantain water to a dark (brown or black) color. Your detailed and very interesting hub has convinced me to try them! When you do try them, you'll find that are a very tasty meal/treat. Try serving with scrambled eggs and salsa. 11. Answer: Yes, you can. He has made plantains, but the only way we knew was to deep fry them when they were very sweet. Plantain is very versatile and cab be incorporated into any meal. You are much appreciated for stopping by and commenting. Many people don't realize that this fruit should be cooked prior to consumption, and I've often had the experience of people asking me in grocery stores how to prepare these nutritious yellow powerhouses. The skins of plantains are not as easy to remove as banana peels. This loaf is moist, fluffy, and easy to make. FreezeFrame34 from Charleston SC on July 26, 2012: I have yet to try a plantain, but this gives me some ideas on how to experiment with them! This gives a yellow colour to the chips. I was shopping during this pandemic and no bananas so I. The yellow, ripe-but-firm ones are better. Ripe plantain skin … They fight intestinal diseases. Only ripe plantain has a natural sweetness to it. Just as with leftover turkey from Thanksgiving, baked, fried, or boiled plantain can be given new life. I bought one today and wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it. No, you can’t eat raw plantains. Frying is the most popular method of cooking plantains, although some people are gradually beginning to move away from this method due to health concerns. As I mentioned, plantains are a close relative of the banana and tend to be mistaken for them. I'm glad you can now try baking or grilling your plantains. Roasting in the oven or something I never thought up although I roast sweet potatoes all the time :-). It can be a challenge to peel green plantains as the skin is a bit rough. However, already baked, roasted, or fried plantain can be frozen. Thank you for the tutorials. Question: Is it better to boil plantains when they are green or after they ripen? “As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.” Green plantain in chips usually have sugar added to it. :). Personally, I prefer roasting in the oven because then I don't have to deal with the smoke from the grill or pit, but I get the same delicious results—if not better. Plantains and bananas are closely related; in fact, plantains are a member of the banana family. Explore other ways to prepare and combine sweet plantains and comment below on what works best for you! They can also be found at most farmer's markets that cater to Eastern Mediterranean cuisines as well as in some Chinese markets. Cover and simmer for about 15 to 20 minutes. Some people prefer to grill this fruit with the skin on, while others prefer to have the fruit in direct contact with the coal. Can Help Improve Vision. Ripe plantain can be used to make cake, like bananas too :) maybe when they have gone too ripe for frying or grilling. Plantains are usually bigger and thicker skinned than bananas. Unfortunately, it's not a very healthy method. I am so grateful to you for these plantain recipes. My son is a vegetarian, but the rest of the family is not. You can boil, bake, or roast plantain in its skin. Hold it the same way you … In fact, I eat them at least three times a week. Bake for 10 minutes. I'm sure they'll be delicious. Leaving the skin on while boiling helps the fruit retain most of its nutrients and also helps keep it from getting soggy. Once the water is boiling, slice the plantain in half and toss it in. So, in essence, eating green plantain can help eliminates unnecessary cravings and help you … @phildazz - It really does help with iron deficiency, especially the green unripe plantain. Comfort Babatola (author) from Bonaire, GA, USA on June 06, 2018: You are so very welcome. Big Holiday Sale - Receive 15% Off the Plant-Based Certificate, Holiday Sale - 15% Off the Plant-Based Certificate, 5 Ways to Cook and Prepare Ripe Plantains, Cured My Diabetes, & Avoided a Lung Transplant. Once the pieces are golden brown, remove them from the pan. Kevin Peter from Global Citizen on April 29, 2013: Even the ripe plantains can be fried after removing their peels. But don’t worry, you can also find them in many grocery stores in the U.S. Don’t let the brown or black ones intimidate you. Also tastes great with scrambled eggs. Thank you so much! You can either cook it whole as part of a roast, you can cut it into thin slices and bake as you would potatoes, fry them in some oil, or you can cook and mash them into a mashed potato texture. If you use your ripest plantains for this recipe, you won’t need any sugar at all! No. Plantain leaves are said to have some herbal medicine benefits (see … We can learn so much. This is another very simple dish that’s easy to prepare. Always delicious however it's cooked. Bake for about 30 to 40 minutes, turning occasionally to achieve an even roast. Question: Can I mash plantains after boiling or roasting them and then fry them? I must taste good too. From your photos they do look delicious. Question: Can I mash plantains with black beans? My favorite snack: roasted or grilled plantain with Spanish peanuts. You can also eat Plantain by cooking it. But you will most definitely find them in any African store or market. Green plantain in chips usually have sugar added to it. Comfort Babatola (author) from Bonaire, GA, USA on February 06, 2014: @Esther Strong - I appreciate your taking the time to read and comment. @Jean Bakula - I know lots of people are only familiar with the frying method of cooking plantain. Yours looks amazing! Here’s how to slice your plantain before cooking: Slice off the ends. This loaf is moist, fluffy, and easy to make. Voted up and more. awesome ideas...My hubby is from kerala (India) where deep frying the bananas is a very popular way of cooking them. Most grocery store now carry them. Like when you bite into it raw, you get that sweet but firm texture. Rabbits can eat plantain fruit and leaves, but not as a regular part of their diet. They often tend to be larger than bananas have thicker skin and are treated more like vegetables than fruit. forgive me. Comfort Babatola (author) from Bonaire, GA, USA on July 07, 2011: @ournote2self - My pleasure. They can be consumed green, yellow, brown or black; ripe or unripe; cooked or uncooked (but not very often); baked, fried, steamed, boiled or grilled. How To Use It. Thanks so much for stopping by, reading and commenting. I like to keep a few plantains in my kitchen at all times. Question: What is the best way to glaze cooking plantains? Keep on. As you rightly said, ripe plantain can be fried. It can then be reheated in an oven at low heat when ready to eat. You can eat them only once they’re fully ripe. Feeding your dog plantain will provide it with dietary fiber, Vitamins, fats, and minerals such as potassium. All you need is a large pot filled with 6-8 cups of water and 2 teaspoons of salt. Usually thin slices taste good. Decided to try plantains...your cooking methods helped me decide to add plantains as a regular meal on my meal planning menu. Thanks for your useful hub. Add the chunks into 2 to 3 cups boiling, salted water. Girl, I'm glad you don't have that problem anyone! You can also put it in your salad and eat it for dinner! Can Dogs Eat Plantains? It ripened, but when I tried to peel it, it was super hard; I threw it out; wish I had your hub then! Question: Can you bake plantains in the skin? Answer: Plantain contains enzymes. The boiled plantain tastes very good. Dogs can eat plantain (banana-like) but it should be fed moderately and when cooked. Comfort Babatola (author) from Bonaire, GA, USA on October 17, 2012: @Deborah Brooks - Plantains or Plantano (in spanish) are very popular with people of spanish descent, also in Africa and other tropical regions. I also make a salad out of the plantain heart. Not even the produce clerks in grocery stores that carry these can tell you how to prepare plantains, so I've never been brave enough to try them. Usually, they become sweet and ready to eat when their skin turns black. It is Beneficial For The Skin. Thanks for stopping by to read and comment. When green, plantains are starchy and bland , so much like a potato or a yucca root. You can dice it or just let your parrot eat it on its own. Serve the greens on top of the plátanos maduros and enjoy! Though many people are clueless when it comes to plantain it, but they are always delighted and willing to try it once they get the needed information. i won't say my name on November 09, 2018: this is amazing info i am doing a project for school so i use this web for info..... Faill (my tag, nothing to do w/ you) on July 18, 2018: Great job on this article! The first time I ate a plantain was 30 years ago in the Dominican Republic, when I was in the Peace Corps. Looks good and healthy. I was at a small roadside market when I first saw it—what looked to me like a super-sized yellow banana. Hi, loved this hub of yours. Plantains can be found in the produce aisle of most grocery stores today. Once it’s cooled, remove the skin and enjoy! Unripe plantain assists you in having more healthy and glowing skin. And in cake! While the plátanos maduros are baking, prepare the Peanut Collard Greens. The color of the skin should be your guide. Trim ends from plantains. This … I am a Nigerian native who loves sharing traditional and nontraditional recipes with everyone! I would prefer not fried. Copyright 2020 Center for Nutrition Studies. And yes, they can also be roasted and boiled-mashed-&-fried as you described. Angel Guzman from Joliet, Illinois on September 19, 2017: Comfort Babatola (author) from Bonaire, GA, USA on September 24, 2014: Hey Rachael. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I hope your son will find the grilling and baking methods even more delicious. Holiday Savings Event - Get 15% Off the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate. Flip and continue baking for another 10 minutes or until browned. It can cause allergic skin reactions in … For green bananas, one needs to run the knife underneath the peel to remove. Just kidding. Comfort Babatola (author) from Bonaire, GA, USA on February 17, 2012: @viking305 - I'm so glad you stumbled on this. Question: Will green (unripe) plantains ripen if left at room temperature? HAha.. You can strain the liquid or use it … Fried, unripe plantains are very crunchy. She said, "I don't know", and then proceeded to ask me what they were and how to cook them. Grilling or baking are considered to be the healthiest cooking methods and are preferred by health-conscious plantain lovers. Thank you very much Babatola. Meanwhile, wash the plantain and cut off its ends. I love the combination of the sweet flavor from the plantains mixed with the peanutty greens. To make fresh plantain juice, run the entire plant through your juicer or blender with a small amount of warm water. The short answer here is – yes, dogs can eat plantains. It need to be just right. They are Oh so delicious! Thursday 2020-10-22 13:48:50 pm : Can You Eat Plantains On The Paleo Diet | Can You Eat Plantains On The Paleo Diet | | Average-Weight-Of-A-Snake These plantain recipes are great for all occasions. Thanks for SHARING. I've never tried it though. Comfort Babatola (author) from Bonaire, GA, USA on April 29, 2013: @Kevin Peter - Thanks Kevin for your contribution to this hub. Very well appreciated. Set your frying pan or wok on the stove over medium heat. For each question, choose the best answer. Plantains are used as a starchy vegetable like potatoes in Latin and Indian cuisine. I’d also encourage you to use at least 5 plantains when cooking them this way because they tend to go quickly. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I do not know where to buy them.. but if I do I will know how to cook them thank you. Place these slices flat on a parchment-lined, non-stick baking sheet. Answer: Yes. I mostly cook them or fry them. Boiled plantains taste a bit like a sweet potato. Allan Philip from Toronto on May 01, 2013: How nice of you to write about plantains; I once had an iron deficiency and was told by my physician's nurse to eat lots of plantains. You're probably right. I'm glad you found the information on plantain useful. I sometime eat plantain chips I buy at dollarama and thought it was mostly fried and thought I would try to avoid that as I think I already eat too much fried foods. This is the best way to buy them if you want to bake them into “tortas.” But I’ll get to that soon enough! There are some important differences between the two fruits, though. Place peeled, whole fruits in the oven. Answer: It all depends on your preference. Ripe plantain on the other hand has reduced iron and a sweet taste, which may be preferred by some. Definitely more so than a regular banana. That’s because plantains are starchier, contain less sugar than bananas an… Keep the rest of the peel on, for now. Add oil. Comfort Babatola (author) from Bonaire, GA, USA on July 11, 2019: @Jenn, thank you for sharing your cooking tips. Comfort Babatola (author) from Bonaire, GA, USA on June 16, 2013: @AliciaC - I'm glad you find this useful and convincing. Place them over a grill or open fire pit until they're golden-brown. Though I have never heard of plantain being cleaned first before frying, but I'm sure it can be done. Moreover, medium ripe plantains are yellow dappled with black or yellow all over and they are also slightly sweet. Whichever method you choose to prepare your plantains, one thing is certain: you and your family will enjoy eating them! I actually roast mine with just a slice down the skin so it can open as it expands. Careful though, it's addictive! Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on June 15, 2013: Thank you for so much useful information about plantains! That sounds delicious. Thanks for reading and commenting. There are so many ways, but for this article, I’d like to focus on five of my favorite dishes using ripe plantains (yellow, brown or black). Vespa Woolf from Peru, South America on March 05, 2013: Plantains are common and Peru and we just moved to an area where they're very inexpensive. Answer: It depends on individual preference. Michelle Yap from Philippines on September 22, 2012: I do not know if plantains, is what we call "lakatan" or "latundan" here in Philippines. You'll love it! As stated above, Plantain can be eaten in its entirety. Question: What is the best way to cook a plantain that is too ripe? Comfort Babatola (author) from Bonaire, GA, USA on April 21, 2013: @iguidenetwork - To try it, is to believe it. You just gave me an idea for my next plantain meal. Comfort Babatola (author) from Bonaire, GA, USA on February 18, 2012: Yes iruvanti - we also consider it a vetetable in Nigeria. A skin rash or hives may also occur and should be evaluated by a doctor, especially if the skin begins to peel, blister, … In a few short weeks arm yourself with the knowledge you need to improve your overall health, learn new skills, or even inspire a career change. Really interesting and a new one. However, plantain lily (Hosta plantaginea) is very toxic to dogs, a dog that has eaten plantain lily will suffer from diarrhea, vomiting, … Fried plantains can also be eaten plain, in a soup or stew, or as a side dish with rice and beans. Don’t let the brown ones intimidate you. Answer: Yes it will. As well as being a delicious and multi-talented fruit, plantains are also surprisingly nutritious. It's used in soup and beans recipes. Thank you again. Raw plantains have a starchy texture and bitter flavor. That's a double dose of iron right there. thank you sweetheart. If you got between 0 and 1 correct answer: Seems you're not so familiar with plantain. Then fry it. Expert interaction and enriching peer discussions. Place plantains slit-side up on roasting pan, and bake in oven until creamy and tender, about 30 to 40 minutes. Plantain can be eaten anytime (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) Green plantains are naturally sweet. This combo makes a great breakfast meal that is both sweet and healthy. Of these methods, the healthiest are grilling, baking, and roasting. This could take up to 40-50 minutes. Use this as a substitute in soup or stew recipes that call for potatoes.

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