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"name": "Software Product Management Specialization", "@type": "Organization", One Week Technical Product Manager was created for aspiring technical product managers or people who want to learn technical skills. Sign up Here. This course highlights the importance and role of software product management. All the Product Management courses on Lynda can be accessed for free for the first one month after signing up. Duration : 13 hours on-demand video The Certificate in Software Product Management program is for “tech industry professionals that are looking to enter or advance in the field of product management”. Technical product management certifications are credentials given to candidates who successfully complete a technical product management course. } There is a ton of pre material available in the course – over 110 sample questions, 25 mock interview exercises, email templates, resume examples, slides. ⚬ You are generally curious about the role of a PM and want to explore it as a viable career alternative. Not only can you gain tons of knowledge from community members, but also some invaluable insights from industry experts. It provides the practical tools and a roadmap to turn your ideas into product. } Rating : 4.6 You can share this URL with any and all concerned parties (the LinkedIn community, current or future employers, etc.). "description": "Get the training you need to stay ahead with expert-led courses on Product Management", Sign up Here. Founded in 2014, Product School is a leader in … _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-source'); "@type": "Course", It is ideal for individuals looking to transition into a TPM role - whether you have a technical background or you don’t. "description": "Learn modern product management tools and techniques along with skills to explore new product ideas and manage and amplify existing products. } "@context": "", The course contains 62 lectures in six categories with 4 hours of video content, 20 articles and 43 downloadable resources. The course is completely flexible and can be completed on your own time. "name": "Brand and Product Management", "provider": { In addition, there are 25 articles and 121 downloadable resources to use throughout your life in product management. "@type": "Organization", Brand and Product Manager Certification Course by Coursera. The Product Manager HQ training courses and online software product management courses provide just that. The course comprises of 6 modules and is taught by Luis Rodriguez Baptista, professor at IE University and Marketing Consultant. We have therefore compiled a list of best product management courses, certifications and trainings online for 2020. "@type": "Organization", Why I think no certification program can fulfil your need? }, You will also learn everything you need to know beyond the interview like secrets to finding product management jobs, how to upgrade your resume, how to optimize your online profile and what to do on day of interview and follow up post interview. It is perfect for current product or general managers interested in upgrading their skills to the next level. Product Leader Certificate™ Move up the product management career ladder: Operate as a senior-level Product Manager by digging deeper into every aspect of the product development cycle, and designing your product strategy… This daily commitment is to complete each course itself, as well as the practical project. The course explains the value of process, requirements, planning, and monitoring in producing better software… The course has been very well presented by Charles Du, an award winning Product Manager who has led products at Nasa, Apple and Ticketmaster. This course imparts you the core skills, techniques and processes across the entire spectrum of product management. } I would like to answer the question in 2 parts: 1. "@type": "Organization", This course has everything covered plus guide on cracking PM Interview. They learn modern product management tools and techniques along with skills to explore new product ideas and manage and amplify existing products. Rating : 4.5 The Complete Product Management Course (Udemy), 8. It imparts them knowledge of essential tools and techniques to manage the development, launch and growth of digital products. The overall success rates for software products is dismal, and the product manager is at the heart of this. © Copyright 2020 Product Manager HQ, All Rights Reserved. }, _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-img'); "item": { By the end of the program, you’ll be able to manage the product lifecycle from start to finish and bring any product … Digital Product Management Certification by University of Virginia (Coursera) Product Manager … "@type": "Course", "@type": "Course", Product Management Certificate - Product School. "name": "Udemy" ⚬ You are currently serving in a management role and want to transition into product management. "position": "3", This program is for experienced professionals looking to sharpen their skill sets and learn the latest product management techniques. Duration : 4 months, 7 hours per week The product manager certification programs teach you the essential fundamentals of product management, how to create your own PM projects, ace your product management interviews, set up a scrum process, technical product management skills, and lead a product team. _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); "provider": { "item": { "position": "4", "@type": "ListItem", LinkedIn Learning – Lynda platform offers a wide array of courses and trainings on Product Management and related topics. business analyst. This is rated as one of the best product management courses online. "description": "Learn the secrets to giving perfect answers at a product management interview, get noticed, and land multiple job offers", ⚬ You are starting out in a tech career and want to know if a PM role suits you. if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { Certifications according to Open Product Management Workflow™ are valid worldwide and show that you have understood content and methodology of working on workflow. This course is for anyone who aspires to move into product domain irrespective of his or her background or current product managers or for entrepreneurs who want to manage their product development processes better. "url": "", _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-source'); Rating : 4.5 "url": "", var _g1; "name": "Udemy" The course is for you if: ⚬ You can spend 30 minutes to an hour every day for a week. Code Spaces "provider": { This course takes you from a beginner to knowing everything that you should know about product management from ideation to market research, to UX wireframing to prototyping, metrics, technology, and finally to building the product with user stories, project management, scoping, and leadership. Product School’s part-time Product Management Certification course is avowedly hands on, equipping inexperienced product managers with everything they need to land that crucial first … Over 70+ lectures, 6+ hours of content from product lifecycle to project management, 5+ downloadable PM templates, and exclusive interviews. This brand management certificate course is as apt for those starting out new in the field of product management as for professionals looking to refresh their skills on brand management. Upon completion of this digital product management certification, learners get a verified certificate that they can use to demonstrate their skill set. "item": { "position": "2", Charles has taught product management at Stanford, UCLA, Art Center, and General Assembly and has mentored teams at NASA, Live Nation, and Apple. One of quite distinct features of this course is an opportunity that you get to build out one of your own product ideas through 10 step-by-step exercises complete with working files and sample templates. ", His delivery of very complex concepts makes them much easy to understand and implement. * Certification programs for Product Managers definitely exist but take my word - they are absolutely not worth it: * Product … "name": "Boston University on edX" "name": "Udemy" Master Agile development and effective interactions to drive the making of great software products. Maybe you’d talk to a customer somewhere in there and they’d tell you what features they wanted. _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); "position": "5", try { Product Management Certification Currently, there is no universally required certification for product managers. "name": "IE Business School on Coursera" Unfortunately, there was a clear lack of bona fide certification in the product management sphere, especially when it came to providing vocational training on how to operate as a modern product manager. } Professionals include current product managers, engineers, marketers, and developers across multiple industries including manufacturing, biotech, software… These tend to be very simple multiple-choice tests that are taken right … They also have the opportunity to take their learning to the next level by applying for a Masters in Business Innovation at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business. Upon enrolling in this product management training program, you will take a sequence of following five courses –. You can download both e-documents and showcase them on your website, or share them with colleagues, managers, and, in case you’re in a recruiting position, new PM candidates. Free Product Management Training Courses (LinkedIn Learning – Lynda), 9. The course has been developed by Charles Du, an acclaimed Product Manager who has the experience of working at Apple, Nasa and Ticketmaster. } Sign up Here. "name": "Become a Product Manager Course | Learn the Skills & Get the Job", "provider": { He has interviewed at several innovative tech giants like Google, Microsoft, NASA, Apple, Livenation etc. Duration : 5 hours on-demand video 1. Duration : 5.5 hours on-demand video "itemListElement": [ This online course will help you become a successful product manager. "@type": "Course", Duration : 5 courses, 6-8 weeks per course, 4-8 hours per week per course } Software Product Management Specialization by University of Alberta (Coursera), 6. Product Manager HQ is an independent PM community and certification center that consists of some of the best established and upcoming product managers from around the world. Neither of the PMHQ courses has eligibility requirements or prerequisites. { "@type": "Course", There are no prerequisites to join the course; some basic understanding of business concepts is helpful though. Duration : 4 hours on-demand video }, }. Both of them have huge industry and training experience. "@type": "Course", Sign up Here. } This course has been developed with the support of the Batten Institute at UVA’s Darden School of Business. "provider": { The best way for product managers to advance their career is through self development. } "@type": "Organization", From ideation to market research, to validating your ideas and developing UX & designing wireframes and mockups and finally writing user stories, managing development processes and growing your product. The Certified Product Manager™ Credential From Idea To Launch - The Inbound Skills Since their creation, the Certified Product Manager CPM™ credentials have come to represent an individual’s … ", You will learn the best practices across the spectrum of product management work which will cover the following: The instructor of this course Todd Birzer has served as Product Manager and Product Management Director at Silicon Valley and West Coast US companies and consults with several product management teams worldwide. This course is for anyone who wants to master the product management interview, whether it is someone new to product management and wanting to transition to this field or an experienced manager looking to change companies. "item": { "provider": { Following international standards, ISPMA works with partners to ensure fair equitable, and non … "@type": "Course", }, Sign up Here. } "description": "Unique course that enables learners to first understand the concept, importance and challenges of brand development and product management, then use it along with architecture and portfolios in order to succeed", Charles brings all his incredible industry experience to this class with numerous examples and assignments. This is the most popular Coursera Product Management Certification program with the aim of imparting knowledge of core principles of product management. It is very well suited for professionals looking to transition to product management career, junior product managers wanted to advance their career and even entrepreneurs who want to build their own products. PMHQ also stands out as one of the top PM communities in the world, with global sponsors including Facebook, TechCrunch, Hired, SaaStr, Notion, Amplitude, and more. "url": "", "description": "Create Better Software using Agile Practices. } This certification is given to individuals who gained the knowledge of what technical product management is, what are its best practices, and what is involved in a product launch. "@type": "Course", It will also give you opportunity to learn from the best practices and challenges encountered by practitioners to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. "position": "10", Sign up Here. With each course, you get a new product management certificate. Rating : 4.4 Before you arrive, we include a six week online component, including customized video lectures and readings, … The course is taught by Dhaval Bhatt, who has been perfecting technical product management for over 10 years. "@type": "Course", You will also find out about the skills a modern PM professional needs to succeed in the industry, as well as how to develop, launch, and market a successful product. We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. These courses are divided into 3 levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. { }, A team of highly qualified trainers will deliver the content of this program. Sign up Here. 13+ hours of videos, activities, interviews, & more. At the end of the course, you’ll have a product spec with a feature backlog, wireframes, and an interactive prototype. You will learn to use popular Product Management tools like Workflowy, Axure, Pivotal Tracker. { Become a Product Manager Course | Learn the Skills & Get the Job (Udemy), 4. Offered by BCG. Access to the course also gives you access to the world's first and largest Product Manager Slack community where you can meet, chat with, and learn new skills from over 7,000+ product management professionals around the globe. This course is taught by Cole Mercer, Senior Product Manager at Soundcloud, Bonobos, Mass Relevance and Evan Kimbrell, Founder and Director of Sprintkick and top rated Udemy instructor with 11 entrepreneurship related courses. Basic knowledge of software development and product management would be helpful for taking this course. "item": { var _g1; "url": "", "name": "Master the Product Manager Interview – The Complete Guide", More than 70,000 students have already taken this course with thousands of them now employed as Product Managers in companies like Google, Airbnb, Dell , Boeing, WalMart etc. PM professionals with a product management certificate such as One Week PM usually have a greater chance to reach or exceed the national average salary. "description": "Learn essential tools and techniques to manage the development, launch and growth of digital products and advance your career as a product manager. } Any prior experience is not a requirement to take this course. "position": "7", But companies that manage product that way are dying. "item": { Explore, Learn and Master anything with us. } catch(e) {}, { "@type": "ListItem", By participating in this program, you will learn the skills needed by a product manager in day-to-day work such as creating social media strategies and product roadmaps. "description": "The most complete course available on Product Management. A comprehensive resource for product managers. This course comes with lifetime access so you can use it anytime to prep for not just PM positions but other managerial and leadership roles as well, e.g. This is most updated and one of the best Product Management courses on Udemy. "@type": "Course", "url": "", _g1.setAttribute('srcset', _g1.getAttribute('data-srcset')); Plus guide on cracking PM Interview. } Being a product person today is a new game, and product … The Product Management Certificate Program is a five-day, immersive, in-person experience. } "name": "University of Virginia on Coursera" Examples from NASA, Google, Zappos, Apple. Upon receiving the certification, you will be given a unique URL that leads to a PMHQ verification source.

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