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Republican of Norway generally celebrates the Eve of Christmas with their close friend, relatives and family, congregation for the Christmas dinner banquet. Christmas in Norway is something truly special. Similar to Dinner for One, it has become a holiday classic in Norway although it is not a Christmas movie per se. See how Norwegians typically celebrate Christmas! Christmas in Norway: The main Christmas celebration in Norway is on Christmas Eve; the evening of December 24. Today, families still come together every year on Little Christmas Eve to watch this sketch. Families might serve several kinds of meat such as ham, fenalaar (ham of lamb), cooked cured leg of lamb, pickled pigs' trotters, head cheese, mutton roll, pork roll, or ox tongue; and several kinds of fish such as smoked salmon, gravlax, rakfisk, and pickled herring. Finally, rakfisk, considered a Norwegian delicacy, is probably one of the world’s smelliest fishes. You can have an amazing Norway adventure holiday with plenty of activities, if you wish, or you can just enjoy life by the fireplace.and enjoy the spa, sauna, reading a book and eating excellent food. Julaften, known as Christmas Eve in English, is the main day of celebration for Norwegians. There will also be a range of cheeses and various types of jam. Typically it contains sweets like chocolate, small toys or in later years Legos encouraging building of a small piece of a larger Lego-construction throughout the calendar. December 31 is commonly a half day at work. But you better believe that I try really hard to make sure that I’m in Norway for Christmas as often as I can be. Many families go to church before dinner, even many who never go to church otherwise. Animal masks and skins, commonly goats and horses were donned in an activity called "hoodening". But “Advent” is also the name for the period leading up to Christmas, and in Norway there are some special customs to be followed during these weeks. A nisse is a mythological creature from Scandinavian folklore, … The family and guests then play games, sing and open gifts the rest of the evening. Christmas in Norway begins with the Saint Lucia ceremony on the 13 December. Christmas in Norway is called Jul. If a farmer was so far away from his neighbours that this was difficult, he still had to brew as much beer as if he had been taking part of such a party. Google translate told me that this strong Norwegian alcohol is a kind of gin, which … An introduction to Norwegian Christmas traditions, decorations and food. The first was a form of thanksgiving (where at least three farmers attended), while the second was a smaller party for the family. The baskets can be filled with candy or nuts. The Trafalgar Square Christmas tree has been delivered from Oslo, Norway and the video shows workers putting it up. Advent is a preparation period before December 25 which starts four Sundays before Christmas. Christmas in Norway Though if you really want to learn about Norwegian culture, my new home of Mosjøen is one of the best places in the country to experience a Norwegian Christmas. In most cases employers only invite employees, not their families. Family members also decorate their home with pepperkakehus, or gingerbread houses, which Norwegians refrain from eating before the end of the Christmas season. It is then eaten raw with a glass (or several) of aquavit. Similarly, lutefisk is dried cod, stock fish or clip fish that is soaked into a solution of lye in order to rehydrate it before eating. Yule – The Viking Christmas. Well, at least each year that I’m in Norway for Christmas. December 26, it is fairly common to invite close friends over to help eat up what is left of the food from Christmas Eve. On December 23, Norwegians celebrate Lille Julaften, or Little Christmas Eve, a time when the family comes together to clean and decorate the house and tree. Christmas Trees in Norway In Norway most everyone has either a spruce or a pine tree in their living room - decorated with white lights, tinsel, Norwegian flags and other ornaments for Christmas. Whereas the start of "jul" proper is announced by the chiming of church bells throughout the country in the afternoon of 24 December, it is more accurate to describe the season as an eight-week event. White snow and decorations add to the magic. The period during which Julebord is hosted begins in November and overlaps the beginning of Advent. Christmas celebration in Norway is a true feast of lights, full of events, preparations, and traditions that last a whole season. It was during Romul that a goat or Julebukk was sacrificed, adults then donned guises to personify the Julebukk. Dec 18, 2015 - Explore Wendy Moore's board "Christmas in Norway", followed by 101 people on Pinterest. The term "Jul" is common throughout Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Greenland, Scotland and the Faroe Islands. Originally, "jul" was the name of a month in the old Germanic calendar. See also the separate article on Advent. In the south, cooked cod has been a favorite for Christmas Eve, preferably served with Sandefjord butter sauce, carrots, and potatoes. During this time, shops are usually closed or have limited opening hours, with Norwegians typically heading to the slopes for skiing and sledding with their families. Katedralen danner en storslått bakgrunn for en spesiell korkonsert. The sound of giggling children playing in the snow. People in Norway normally celebrate Christmas Eve with their close family and relatives, gathering for the Christmas dinner meal. "Julebukk," a Norwegian noun, translates to "Yule Goat". Advent starts with the fourth Sunday before Christmas. Gingerbread and gingerbread houses are commonly decorated with sugar frosting. December 23 also has special status as "Little Christmas Eve". Often, the parents use this time to prepare the Christmas dinner. Walking around the Christmas tree after dinner is an old tradition in Norway, still alive, particularly among families with children. Decorate with nisser. However, new traditions frequently appears. The most famous song is Så går vi rundt om en enebærbusk, meaning ‘here we go round a mulberry bush.’ Julenissen, or Santa Claus, then comes into the living room to hand out presents. By Candlemas on February 2, the Christmas tree and all decorations have usually been removed. Gifts are brought by "Julenissen" ("Christmas Hob" or "The Christmas Wight", who today appears identical to Santa Claus). Julebord is a holiday banquet, often in the form of a buffet, at which is served traditional Christmas foods and alcoholic beverages. Breweries also produce a special soda, known as julebrus. The sketch depicts the 90th birthday of Miss Sophie, who hosts a yearly dinner for her friends. Jul or jol is the term used for the Christmas holiday season in Scandinavia and parts of Scotland. Many use this day to decorate the Christmas Tree if they have not already done so. From the original beginning on Christmas Day, the custom of Julebord has spread to the entire season and beyond, often beginning well in advance of December. Other traditional foods are eaten at Første Juledags Frokost, a Christmas Day luncheon where the household serves all available delicacies in a grand buffet. Sacramental meals were formally called blót—in this particular instance, yuleblót or winterblót. On the first Sunday the first candle is lit, on the second Sunday the next two candles are lit, and so on. The cold climate and crisp fresh air creates the perfect environment for lifting your Christmas spirit and setting you in a calm Christmas mood. All hunting, but not fishing, is prohibited on these days; during "Julefred" ("Christmas Peace") there is a closed season on all wild animals. "Jul" or "Jol" are cognates of Norse "Jòlnir" or "Ýlir", which are alternate names of Odin, although the root itself is debated. Christmas Eve. At this time, the animals for slaughter were the fattest, flour had been processed, all the work of autumn was completed, and it was time to celebrate. The Yule Goat was also a spirit that would protect the house during Yuletide and it was tradition to sacrifice a goat to the Gods and accompanying spirits during the time span between the Winter Solstice "Winter Night" and the New Year called "Romjul". Known in Norwegian as Grevinnen og Hovmesteren, Dinner for One is a British comedy sketch written by British author Lauri Wylie. In Eastern Norway and Central Norway, pork rib roast is common, usually served with medisterkaker and medisterpølser (dumplings and sausages made of minced pork meat). The Silver Boys Choir (Sølvguttene) appear on national television for their annual festive concert, and at 5pm church bells ring throughout the cities to announce the official start of the holiday. Mosjøen has claimed the title of Norway’s “Christmas town,” and if you visit during Christmastime you’ll see why. The modern English yule and yuletide are cognates with this term. One common date is the thirteenth day of Christmas, Epiphany, of the Mass of St. Knut, on January 7. The time of celebration has varied. After their traditional meal, people usually hold hands and dance around the Christmas tree while singing carols. The gifts are sometimes brought by Santa Claus (called 'Julenissen' in Norway). In Norway and Denmark the beverage is made from potatoes, easily identifiable thanks to its golden colour and strong mixture of spices, with caraway the most fragrant one. Not until the first half of the 1800s did this German tradition come to Norway. But here in Norway, the focal point of the celebration is very much the evening of the 24th December. As usual in the western world, Christmas features Christmas Dinner, decorated Christmas trees and the exchange of gifts. Turkey has recently made its way into the variety of cuisines enjoyed during Jul. Whoever gets the almond wins a prize, usually a marzipan pig. In Northern and Western Norway, pinnekjøtt (ribs of mutton which are salted and dried, and some places also smoked, and then steamed) is a common dish, whereas Lutefisk and cod are popular in Southern Norway. Christmas lasts more than a few days in the Nordic countries. Norway's prime minister has announced the coronavirus restrictions that will apply over the Christmas period. By the wording of the legislation, there are two celebrations where beer drinking was mandatory. In the evening, families tend to have a dinner party similar to the Christmas Eve dinner, though it is common to invite friends and/or neighbours. Norwegian national television NRK has been broadcasting the 11-minute Swiss version of the sketch every December 23rd since 1980. Hand-made Christmas decorations, Swedish tomten, Danish pixies, and finely crafted Christmas tree ornaments bring a distinctive flavor to holiday decor. Due to her old age, she has outlived them all, so her butler James impersonates and drinks instead of each of the guests. Many Norwegians have flagpoles in their gardens and raise the national flag for special occasions.

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