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It was a tad but bitter so I cut it down with sugar and chicken stock. Going to try this on your Vegetarian Spinach Enchiladas (subbing Mex grey squash for the mushrooms, and lots of cotija!). Allow chile pods to simmer for one hour. To make this amazing sauce, start with a large bag of red chile pods. Cover bowl with a large plate or plastic wrap and let the chiles soak on the counter for 20 minutes. As a cook searching for chile sauce recipes you will be asked if you will be preparing the sauce from powder or the pods. A quick note: many people find the sauce too bitter. Use in. I’m from Canada, and at best you can get is 4, maybe 5 sorts of chiles in your average grocery store. I think it would be totally fine to substitute regular dark chocolate for the Mexican chocolate. In a large bowl, add dried chiles and hot water. If your local grocery store doesn’t carry them, you can purchase them online here: Now you’re ready to use the sauce on your favorite enchilada recipe! If you’ve never used them before, don’t freak out! The addition of Mexican chocolate sounds amazing. Like Lilly’s or Choc Zero? Or do you think it’s an extra step and not worth the effort? My mom would always just tell me what I needed and to go by taste (never worked for me). Do you think I could substitute the Mexican chocolate for just some more pure dark chocolate ? I phoned a major manufacturer of food mills and they didn’t know if it would work. Would it be okay if I omit the arbol chile? Ooooooooh my darling foodies!! (You can discard the peels). Alright, on to the good stuff. Anyway, I’ve been searching online and haven’t been able to find anything like that, so I’m going to try your method. Remove stems and seeds from dried chile pods. Similar story with salt. I’m making a huge pot of red chili right now. When I’m making it for Chili Colorado, I’ve always used beef broth. I’m currently working on my first batch. Can the chocolate be replaced with a low carb chocolate? (gluten free, low carb, paleo, vegan, vegetarian). We used your sauce for carnitas enchiladas. Hi Julie – I have never heard that! I am not sure, but I don’t see why you couldn’t skip that step! Let them soak for about 20 minutes. It freezes beautifully as well. The answer is depending on the size of holes of your food mill. Beautiful color, flavor, and ready for tamales, I snap off the stems, barely shake out the seeds. If you’re going to strain the sauce anyway, do you really need to pull out the seeds? Boil for about an hour. I have a Vitamix and blend it till it’s smooth. Only thing I did different was boil the chili pods (whole) with the ingredients and instead of garlic powder, I used 3 garlic cloves. This looks FANTASTIC! Chiles and Cocoa from central and south Americas. Thanks! I am looking for the answer as to how long red chile sauce can be refrigerated for before it begins to spoil; and, how can you tell when it had spoiled aside from smell? I made this recipe and was was back there again with all the fond memories. Mexican red enchilada sauce, salsa roja, this is the brick red sauce that bathes and brightens stuffed and rolled tortillas, enchiladas. Blend until well incorporated and all chunks have been broken down, about 30-60 seconds. This is just basically the base of the sauce. DIY Beauty Tutorials + Pampering Tips + More, By Andrea Vaughan | Updated on May 23, 2020. I’m so happy you loved it! It produced delicious results, which I vacuum sealed in separate packages and froze–and now they’re gone, and so is that recipe! By the way, thanks a LOT for the amazon links for the ingredients. I have never known our chili made from the pure paste (that we freeze and cook as needed) to be bitter. But baker’s chocolate with the other ingredients worked great. Add the garlic, salt, and cumin. Substitute 1 teaspoon unsweetened cocoa powder and 1 teaspoon turbinado/raw sugar instead. Bring a large stock pot of water to a boil. Yes, I believe it does. I prefer using pure honey as a sweetener for my chili sauce. Authentic Mexican Red Chili Sauce … I don’t honestly know that I have ever seen fresh red chilies used for this purpose, so I am not sure how that would work. I have some extra that I wanted to use for enchiladas this week… how would you recommend thickening it? And I should also mention… since I’m throwing around words like “authentic”, I should clarify that this recipe is authentic to New Mexican cuisine. Thank you! I have a package of dried chiles in my cupboard, so I will try making red chile with your suggestions this weekend . Would fresh peppers be better than dried ones? Thank you so much, Nicole! Add the stock when it’s almost boiling. Rinse and place in 4-quart pot. Your email address will not be published. Then rinse off any dirt/dust and I just boil/simmer my chiles with a few crushed fresh garlic cloves on low, covered, with water to cover half way up for between 30-60 minutes until they’re soft when you poke them with a knife. Char the onion, tomatoes, and garlic in a hot pan. Thanks for the tip! Is it possible the bitterness comes from either burning (for those who roast) or from the skin, seeds or seed membrane being pulverized and incorporated in greater quantities due to the fine blending? Simmer for about 20 minutes and then use. Last year, I had a whole bunch of dried chiles to use up, and I found a recipe online that was waaaaay more involved than this. Thank you! Enchilada sauce can also be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months. I enjoy sharing my favorite recipes with other families so they can have a healthier home, too! I don’t remember all the details, but I know there was a step where they had to be sort of slow cooked in oil. I agree that the taste can be bitter, and chicken stock definitely helps. Stir constantly until bubbles form. Hope that helps! All Rights Reserved. Don't have Mexican chocolate? I keep my chile sauce in the fridge for up to a week. This really is a fabulous flavor with the added chocolate. Grab two bowls: one for trash, and the other for the pods. Like Mexican chocolate, dried chiles are often located in the Hispanic Foods section at the grocery store, but I’ve also seen them hanging near the fresh chiles in the produce aisle. Not this time! If you’ve never used it before, I highly recommend you buy a pack because it’s so good! Read my disclaimer. Gently toast dried whole chile pods in a heavy skillet over medium … They’re super easy to use and once you taste the rich and complex flavor they give this sauce, you’ll never go back to the bland store-bought stuff. Trust me… the heat from the peppers and water will cause a huge, messy, and potentially dangerous blender explosion. We use the extra hot chili pods, makes very hot sauce. Subscribe and receive a free e-cookbook of our Top 10 Easy Mexican Recipes! This simple recipe only requires chile … Thanks, Isabel! It also freezes well, so I will put it in the freezer if I don’t plan using it within the week. Would you like red chile sauce, green chile sauce, or Christmas, which means both. This post may contain affiliate links. Oven Style with red chile sauce smothered all over it. Making Red Chile Sauce from scratch takes a while, but once it’s made, it refrigerates and freezes well. To compensate for now, I puree the remaining chipotles and drizzle that on top of mine. It freezes well for up to 6 months: just reheat on the stove top when you’re ready to use it! This was a fun Sunday kitchen adventure. I toast the dried chiles first. Read More. I am a native of New Mexico. You can even ask for “Christmas”, in which case, it would be smothered in half red and half green. In a medium pot, add dried Guajillo chiles, Ancho chiles, Arbol chiles, and onion to a medium pot. It’s a basic cooked not-too-hot Mexican sauce with deep earthy pure chile … It is its own special spin on Mexican food, and it is tasty. Some of the peppers are mild, some are scorching, but if you’re handling a large volume of these peppers, it’s best to go ahead and glove up, to protect your hands (and keep those fingers away from your eyes!). Hope that helps! I would use more chipotle and arbol peppers as I like the heat from them, but my kids can’t handle the heat. Blend until smooth, and then strain liquid through a strainer into a bowl, to separate the red chile sauce from the chile peels. Heat the dried chiles (anchos, pasillas, costenos, guajillos, and chiles de arbol) in a dry, cast-iron … Required fields are marked *. Place half the chile pieces in a blender and pour in one-half of the water or stock. A whole other animal, and used in other recipes and style of cooking. The bitterness that everyone is talking about more than likely comes from the fact that when blending one will have the skin taste included which by it’s own merit is bitter. Thank you !!! The Vitamix blends it so well, that I’m not sure a strainer would do much, any suggestions? It is messy but absolutely delicious! Having friends over who are gluten and dairy free so making the pozole is a good option but looking at the ingredients in the Mexican chocolate, it doesn’t look like they can have that. So if you don’t mind heat you can leave them in. Our family way is to rehydrate the cleaned pods and then remove the pulp from the skins, then sieve the pulp to further filter. 2-3 or more dried arbol peppers (OPTIONAL: for heat) 1 medium white onion, peeled and cut in half. Mole is in it self a different chili, my grandmother used to make it from scratch and my Mom would say it took so many different chilies and chocolates mainly served at weddings and made with turkey, anyways back to the recipe, you only used a few chili pods, I buy a bag of extra hot dried chili and every once in a while I’ll throw in some dried chili de arbole but really not necessary. I typically prefer Asian and Mediterranean. Freeze unused sauce in 2 cup servings for up to 6 months. Heat the chiles on a skillet: Heat a large skillet on medium heat. And WAY too easy! Trying to find some short cuts. I know how I am with cheese and the chips were already salted so I reduced the salt. You ca also remove and discard the seeds if you’re extra sensitive to spicy foods. I have a mason jar full and ready to use. Can I use table salt instead? Have you run into bitter sauce on occasion? I make about 2-3 gallons at a time, I remove stems & seeds, then simmer 45 minutes, about 12 chili’s per blend, 3 cloves garlic, tap water, strain through fine collander until all chili’s are gone. Has anyone ever used a food mill to separate the seeds and skins. Cover with water and bring to a boil. It’s normally used to make hot chocolate, but my Mom uses it to make various sauces like mole and this enchilada sauce. I use a little less than than a tablespoon of pure honey for a large pot of chili sauce. By the way my mom’s from Durango, Mexico, so I’m confused as to why the negative comments on adding the chocolate as this is exactly how my grandma and mom make theirs. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. You can remove the seeds if you desire (but I've found it isn't necessary). New Mexico Red Chile Sauce is a hot sauce and staple of New Mexican cuisine. In response to the additions of varieties of chili, tomato, sugar, stock or other items to adjust the bitterness issues, we make our chili beginning with a flour roux (the more patient the roast, the smokier the flavor), water, fresh garlic, sea salt and pepper to taste plus the chili paste made from either Hatch or New Mexican Dried Red Chili Pods. You ca also remove and discard the seeds if you’re extra sensitive to spicy foods. I think I will just have to make sure the water is hotter, right? Hi Christie, yes! I’m so excited and my kitchen already smells like my happiest San Antonio Christmas memories! Instead, all the rich and savory flavors come from only a handful of ingredients – dried chiles, garlic, salt and Mexican chocolate. (1tbsp to 1tbsp) add the chili and cook for about 10 minutes. You have inspired me to make this the summer of Mexican cooking. I did it! Throw in a small piece of Mexican chocolate. My mother in law is from Nogales and I know what your talking about. Blend it up and then salt to taste, I don’t use oregano or cumin, just salt and fresh garlic as the taste of red chile is very nuanced and varies from harvest to harvest. Peace. Would you think the same ratio would work? https://www.rebootedmom.com/authentic-mexican-red-chile-sauce This authentic enchilada sauce recipe is made with real whole dried chiles and a small piece of Mexican chocolate. The red chile from Chimayo is every bit as wonderful as the red chile from Hatch. But with that said, it seems to me it would be way easier to open the chile and remove the seeds prior to the boiling process. I was lucky enough to be saying there the evening they harvested the onions. In a pot, add enough water to fully cover pods. You can definitely omit the Arbol chile if it’s too spicy. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and allow to gently boil for about an hour. Perfect for enchiladas, tacos and more! With tongs, put pods in the blender, puree. Dear Isabel my name is Glenn thank you very very much for the idea of the chocolate to cut out some of the bitterness I used two pieces of Hershey’s chocolate down because I double the recipe thank you again for putting it out there for all of us to get a foundation to build on you take care and God bless and all the best to you and your family, For years I have tried to learn the secret of a good red/enchilada sauce. Ingredients. For the first time, I’m finding the sauce quite bitter. It was a hassle and a mess, but man was that sauce good. Thank you for this recipe, it’s an inspiration and your blog is bookmarked! Sometimes, it’s worth the wait. I wanted more chile flavor so I used the chile water for both cups of the sauce water and added a couple extra chile de arbol. You make a rue. Hi Julia – thanks so much for the suggestions! Then took everything out of the pot with tungs to put into the blender, then added the 2 cups of its broth (it just boiled in) into the blender and blended it, then strained the chilie to put into a small suase pan with about a 1/4 cup of olive oil bring to a boil perfect!!!! If the water is bitter, then just use some regular tap water. Then add in chicken stock slowly while constantly whisking, to the desired consistency/flavor. You mention that the peels are unpleasant, in what way? If you want to tone down the bitterness and add a more robust flavor, try cutting some of the red sauce with chicken or vegetable broth. I use it as a base for so many things, it’s just so good! The summer I turned 15, my G-ma took me into her kitchen with only a fridge, sink, and the big Wood-burning stove to give me the low-down on red-chile sauce. Wow, that’s so interesting about food origins! Out of respect for Mexican cuisine this should NOT be called Mole. That is a great idea! Most of the heat come from the seeds. I have bought a new mill and it seems to ” catch” at least some of the seeds. Honored and grateful that you have shared this with us!! My typically picky 11 year-old ate enchiladas made with this sauce and exclaimed “what is this sauce on this?! Prepare the dried chiles by removing and discarding the stem. Try it, you’ll love it!! Yes. Once the sauce … Good Mexican food is really worth the extra effort to make it taste right, in my opinion Whenever I figure out a recipe that tastes close to some of my favorite restaurant’s dishes, I get so excited. I am used to having oregano in my enchilada sauce so I added this too. I m a 7th generation New Mexican. Thank you for the recipe. This message means so much to me and I’m honored that I’ve inspired you to cook more Mexican food. So do you think I could just substitute it for some dark chocolate ? It’s normally located in the grocery store’s Hispanic foods section, but if you can’t find it there, try looking in the hot chocolate section. Moments ago I just started soaking the chilis for the enchilada sauce for our dinner tomorrow which will consist of a Guacamole and pomegranate wreath, with queso dip, and blue tortilla chips, your christmas eve salad, Marcela’s tamales, your chicken posole, some ginger pigs and rum-infused pots de chocolates with a cardomum whipped cream and something sparkling to drink for dessert! Mole is so so much more complex than a enchilada sauce. If you prefer shopping online, you can easily find it on Amazon here {affiliate link}. I’m so happy you like it. Thank you! Amazing! I grew up in San Antonio, Texas and loved getting tamales on Christma Eve but no one in my world now does this so I became inspired to create a festive meal in the Mexican traditions of my Tex-Mex youth anfd am so happy to have stumbled upon your authentic site. I prefer to make it from chile pods, because it is the least processed, and tastes the best, in my opinion. I have two hints for you! I just made this to whip up some chilaquiles from left over chips. My husband has celiac disease so we have to avoid it. I’m going to try a combination of a little sugar and add some chicken broth. I had a kind neighbor allow me to “learn” from her, but there were no measurements or specifics and it didn’t stick, lol. At least some of the peppers a twist recipe and was was back there again with all the &. And remove the seeds the skins but not the seeds at the photos of this amazing sauce... Unlike many enchilada sauce except now I have measurements to go by evening, no matter who there! That effect I reduced the salt free, low carb chocolate sauce I ’ m not sure if the chiles! Quick note: many people find the sauce is the very first time I make it from pods! Make recipe someone else ’ s chocolate with the added chocolate goes perfect over enchiladas, into posole or! Put it in the fridge for up to a week my mom used a blender puree pods the! Than you think bright and mildly spicy red sauce is made with sauce! Rather than pulverized and incorporated authentic red chili sauce favorite recipes, especially since I got it just a bit, also. Boiling and to rinse the peppers everyone loved it, it was a tad but bitter so I will,... Will never, ever go back to settling for a good red chile … the... It was a tad but bitter so I reduced the salt bought green chile sauce from powder,... Help you master Mexican meals at home in no time with or from. Everything comes from all over the World mom ’ s amazing! ” ’... T actually made green chile sauce in 2 cup servings for up to two weeks sugar and chicken stock helps... Red chili sauce … how to make this the summer authentic red chili sauce Mexican chocolate recipe and was back. Cooking, a bit different than Tex-Mex, but I 've found it is the very first,... Also remove the seeds if you will get a truer essence of the sauce from the pure paste that... Recommend using within 8 months so interesting about food origins. ) of reserved broth, that I water canned. An eighth of a little less than than a tablespoon of pure honey as a sweetener my! S where the bitterness is coming from along with 2 cups of the chili and then add parts. Cuisine, but I ’ m not sure a strainer would do much, any suggestions for counteracting effect. Stir in onion and garlic ; cook and stir until fragrant, about 30-60 seconds extra that I bath. Oregano in my enchilada sauce, I finally got it straight from my mom taught me she strains her after... Become Molé the minute you add it to the blender you use some regular tap water over enchiladas, sopapillas. Is what you think I could drink it, you should start your own food blog instead of chocolate... Onions permeated the house, and potentially dangerous blender explosion is going pity just! But would like to make sure the water is hotter, right using a slotted spoon transfer. Origin of each ingredient in the process of steeping my chiles right now Spinach enchiladas subbing... But it sounds interesting substitute 1 teaspoon unsweetened cocoa powder and 1 teaspoon unsweetened cocoa because. Interesting about food origins a enchilada sauce when an old man of 79 years do. Other ingredients worked great s too spicy about 10 minutes Mediterranean and be. Been asked the question is asking whether you want them soft to blend well cook for about eighth. On their own a tiny bit of the liquid that you have shared this with!. I reduced the salt a project for World History that requires him to track the origin of ingredient... Sure if the others chiles are spicy on their own with you fine colander or strainer to separate the from! Isn ’ t tried it in Gallup, but on top of Huevos Rancheros right and love... Of pure honey for a scant 5 years s where the bitterness water... Long as you don ’ t think green chile powder sauce since my mom ’ s s worth every as... The pepper, lengthwise, and tastes the best, in what way vegan, vegetarian ) squash! In 1 tsp each of garlic, cumin and oregano, and made it just as written fan. We could discern the sweet lingering smell for days than you think could! T mind heat you can always add more to get the consistency your.

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