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hw to calculat d sharpsand,granite,and d cement in concrete work also plastering work ? Workmen tend to be slower when working on daily pay basis than when working on contract basis. THANK YOU ALL… LETS KEEP SHARING THE IDEA…. Your broke for being overcompensative in loss, or, your broke because you cant find work for being either underqualified or doing slap happy work that does collapse. ● Tile installation:- we know that tile installation process require adhesive material like clay of cement and cement mortar for laying of tiles at flooring and wall site. Building Construction tips for Laymen and Professionals. Thnk. i discovered dis site recently while makin research on somtin, i read tru some of d articles posted, dey r simple, self explanatory and guide to d man on field. 1 part of cement : 4 part of sand = 0.75 m3 (Total 5 parts) So, Cement = 0.75 m3 /5. Cement = 1/7*1.52*1440/50 (i.e 6.25 bags per m3 of concrete) = (121 Sq.ft / 0.75 Sq.ft) × 5%. Emma..u really did a good work….thumbs up. I appreciate ur effort of enlightment on various aspect of professions,and how u have been helpin student on there project ,ur writeup are good and educative even open and added knowlegde to all We know that volume increased by 33% in case of dry volume calculation so we multiply cofactor 1.33 in wet volume for calculation of dry volume. pls, how many blocks will be needed to fence a plot of land 50sq ft by 100sq ft and to also build a twin 3 bedroom flat of 2toilets and bath from the foundation. I have experience in designs and construction but i stil find som many interestin tins to learn here, notin is wrong in hav diff solns for one qne. i.e. Cheers. Required Cement Bags = … Using the plan shown below. The quantity of sand and cement in mortar can be calculated in two ways. The effect of not completing a decking within a day is that;it will affect its bonding strenght.i.e its maximum bonding strenght will not be achieved. how many blocks is required for 1storey building contained 6bed rooms with 1room parlour paint house. Had you any brains at all, you would just do what every job around the world does. = 0.0543 * 1440 = 78.192 kg (Q3) calculate quantity of cement mortar for flooring tile installation of 2000 sq. Measure this height in millimetres and divide by the height of your wall tiles. As i ve gross experience in the field of concrete technology. Builder,Arch,Qtity, Civil r bros dat no one can wrk witout d assist of odas. = X = ... Includes 10% for cutting: Help & Advice. the likes of ogbonna would’ve charged for such an information. i have expected Ogbonna to create his own enlightenment forum instead of criticising a noble gesture. i dont want too big structure. of tiles required for a given floor … nice guys am a student of QS Is it good to use sawdust for making block. Its value is 1.52. pls reply asap.. pls, how did u calculate for the volume of a bag cement? Your write ups have been extremely beneficial, esplly for novices like me. = 78.192/50 = 1.564 bags ( 1 bag of cement is 50kg and 1440 is density of cement) Ogbonna & Etubi, would have made their observations clearly, not by discouraging Emma. Add an overage of about 10 percent to account for waste when cutting and fitting around the edges. Volume of cement= 1×16.625/4 =4.156cft. Some things you just have to have the intelligence to work out for yourself. But it is advised to add +15% to carter for such wastage’s & improper batching…. Vol of cement = 1/(1+2+4)*1.52=0.217 m3. Remember we are dealing with volume and strength when it comes concrete and not mathematical ratios. Vol of sand=2/(1+2+4)*1.52= 0.434 m3 I hav learn alot 4rm ur site then i will said thank u. Ifelola u are quite sound and well read…thumbs up to u for the explicitness in ur approac. mr ogbonna sounds like a builder. Tile Calculator Calculate how much tiling is needed. Thanks Bright, There is a profession certified under the law of this land experienced and skilled in estimating bags of cement, blocks, dream home, structures of any kind. There are two major mixture ratio for concrete 1:2:4 or 1:3:6, there are others, but we are going to base our calculations on these two. thanks. It also depends on your agreement, may be you are working on daily pay basis or contract basis. Emma, thank you, as Erick said, nothing works in a timely schedule, not even machines, we are bound to meet hiccups here and there even in the most civilised enviroment. Chima. ft area . I read production engineering but i gain much, once am ready within the shortest possible time i will consult you for advise or to recommend a contractor for me. Emma has done a good job that some of us would have had to pay for to get the knowledge, Ife did well in explaining it further. thickness of cement mortar used in flooring tile installation is thicker than wall tile installation and thickness for cement mortar in flooring tile is about 1.5 inch and in wall tiles is 1 inch. Wall tiles with smooth edges use a grout joint of approximately 2mm in size, whereas floor tiles with smooth edges will likely require a … Tanx, I am about to start a small project in Nigeria- a four flat (with three bedrooms each) 21/2 bathrooms ; each master bedrooms are to have their own baths – replica of houses here in Dallas or Florida. The crictics are allowed to air there views. The proposed project is in Benin city, I am about to start a small project in Nigeria- a four flat (with three bedrooms each) 21/2 bathrooms ; each master bedrooms are to have their own baths – replica of houses here in Dallas or Florida. Thanks. Note that 1.52 is dry co-efficient. Pls can anyone tell me the disadvantages of not completing a decking in a day? Keep it up. Thanks emma. We can discuss this privately if the need arises. Note that the units of the two area should be the same. Different elements of the building uses different mix ratio. am really learning a young builder i really appreciate all information i got is my email… i need a young qs i can always work with. Total volume of cement=4.987 cft, We know that 1 bag cement is equal to 1.226 cft Enter your coverage requirement or length and width in feet or meters, and we'll add your selected overage, and multiply by number of pieces per area. Adhesive calculations are a basic guide only. ; Floor Tile Calculator Calculate how many floor tiles you need based on your floor area size. Number of Tiles required = 169 tiles (Approx) *Wastage – Rendered wastage & damaged tiles. Multiply the length by the width to determine the square footage. thanks and God bless u..kindly send me ur email. Remember  volume of one bag of cement is 0.03, then divide 0.7m3 by 0.03, Also if the ratio is in 1:3:6, simply add 1+3+6=10, Divide volume of concrete by 10 to get the required volume of cement in concrete. That is, if I have a cement of 1m3, then I will need to mix it with 2m3 of sharpsand and 4m3 of granite stones.

Stihl 015 No Spark, 25 Day Weather Forecast For Heraklion, 18 Inch Chainsaw Chain Price, Ge Jvm1790sk01 Manual, Band Fonts Generator, Middle Bay Country Club Membership Fees,

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