Mar 112012

This is a subject I’ve been needing to blog about for a long time, because this thing on the internet called Tzigla really needs to be flaunted. Tzigla (I like to say it like ZIG-LUH or TUH-ZIG-UH-LUH when I’m not in a mood to slur) is place for artists of all skill levels to join up to create tiny pictures to be juxtaposed next to other tiny pictures to create one big picture. A large-scale Exquisite Corpse. There are sections just for pixel artists, sections just for people more casual about drawing, places for the big dog advanced artists, and even sandbox boards meant just for you to play and see how it feels to work off another person’s tiles without regard to quality. And excuse its funny name, in Romanian “tzigla” literally translates into “roof tile” (the developers, who are altogether a great pair of people, are Romanian). So really, it’s fitting!

The best way to describe what happens on Tzigla is to just show a picture that was created from start to finish on the board. It was made by 23 artists with a total of 48 individual 100×100 pixel squares, and nobody saw each other’s pictures, only a tiny revealed glimpse of the borders that had to be blended from. Take a look!

Duckies BoardView the finished board on Tzigla!

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