Dec 272012

The year has come and gone like a bandit. A bandit that made out like a bandit, as I can honestly say I never would have expected to get the opportunity to do some of the things I’ve done this year in any of my weirdest dreams. Adventures in artwork included drawing and animating for a few games, a few music videos, upgrading all of my workstations, and getting to employ my skills in numerous mediums like 3D, Pixel Art, Vector, and digipaint all mashed together. Continue reading »

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Apr 132012

A little while back I started doing some work and collaboration with a great guy and game industry supermodel by the name of Mike Parent. I came across one of his game projects, Prophecies of Nnar, that he was developing and designing from the ground up with a custom built animation tool called SpriterSpriter allowed him to very quickly bring together all of his game assets, like stacks of character body segments, and create powerful modular animations that could be interchanged with other characters and art on the fly with very low memory overhead. When I got a look at it, there was just an alpha build being kicked around that was in the process of being completely rebuilt, but even then it was impressive to look at.

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