Apr 102012

Short of the time required to do it, adjusting the weight of vertex influences for each bone went down rather painlessly. I was expecting to need to readjust some of the mesh to play more nicely with the bones to make the deformation around, say, elbows and joints operate with less distortion. But it all just kind of worked, and the suspenders even rest/stretch as they ought to!

I could have spent a few more hours creating another rig just for the face, but I opted to just control it with shape keys. Shape keys let you move vertices around all you like for things like eyelids blinking, mouth shape stretching and squashing to form lipsynching cues, etc, then transition between the keys you created and the default pose that was in place. For example, my face had shape keys to open and close the eyes, open and close the mouth, raise and lower the teeth/cheeks for smiling and such, and lift or lower each eyebrow separately. Was a fun process to learn and use! Continue reading »

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Mar 222012

First you make it simple, then you make it complex, then you make it ridiculously complex, then you make it super simple and tape a picture of the ridiculously complex version of it and hope nobody notices. Getting light sources to highlight and shade portions of the model as if it were still in high poly and let the computer create the textures for you are the whole point of why the sculpting took place. I’ve done a few passes of baking those features from the high poly to the low and wound up with a result that is good enough for me.

Next time I make a character, I will definitely try to do it with way fewer poly count than this. Was expecting to pull off making this guy closer to N64 or Nintendo DS game poly levels, but it’s probably closer to the poly count of PS2/xbox phat assets. I think he’s even creepier with features…

For the record, I really don’t like what this guy looks like compared to the concept image. He doesn’t deserve those Dr. Teeth teeth. But, I shall press on! Continue reading »

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Mar 152012

From here I’m just focusing on sculpting details that will pop nicely when baking the textures onto the Low Poly mesh, things that will react to lighting shifts and make it look like a piece of clothing instead of just skin-tight-spandex with pom-poms at the wrists and ankles. Because I do want this to remain simplistic for ease as well as style consistency, it will mostly includes pockets, buttons, fabric seams, and some less intense wrinkling.

While making the pockets, the method I ended up being successful with worked pretty well, so I included a slow frame shifting GIF highlighting the steps used on the pants for the world to maybe learn from. Continue reading »

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Mar 142012
Detective WIP 5

Here is a mini update from the first post, Low Poly Game Character Creation Pt. 1,  to follow up on some feedback given over on the Pixelation forums. The initial progress pushed the arms and legs toward being awkwardly lanky. So I took a couple steps backward in order to proceed with what I feel wool be a better model in the end.

New adaptions include teeth, hair and eyebrows, belt, suspenders, eyelids, legs and arms reverted to pre-sculpt shape and shortened up. I felt the sculpting on the pants and shirt was too wildly wrinkly anyway, so if I go back to give them any kind of skulpting detail, it will be minimal to keep a smooth and toony look to it. I also reversed the direction the cuffs on the shirt was facing. Continue reading »

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Mar 112012
Closeup sculpted face.

I’ve worked with 3D sporadically in the recent years, but the work that comes my way is mostly 2D or pixel art, so I have yet to really dig my teeth into the next dimension. Recently, I picked up a DVD through Blender covering Low Poly Game Character Creation by CG Cookie.com. It will cover the creation of a humanoid model, sculpting it all at high poly, then baking those sculpted details onto a low poly mesh, rig and animate it, and finally how to import it into Unity 3D.

Throughout the creation process, updates will be added at the more significant milestones for any who wish to tag along for the journey. Could be fast, could be slow, all depends on when there’s an opening between work and parental obligations.

Continue reading »

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