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What if I migrated to other country such as Canada? KAISER's goal is to assist and provide our health care needs during the years we needed it the most, our retirement years. 4.) Philippines ... iam 18 and iam planning 2 invest in this health insurance … IMG profited from the membership of the new recruits and commission from the companies they are promoting should they be able to enrol the new members to get insurance and mutual funds or any products for that matter.SINO KAWAWA? kaiser international health group Philippines; Information about kaiser international health group at Sulit.com.ph Online Classified Ads. Hello, maybe the person who sell those products of Kaizer is not also well trained. diba 7 years akong nag bayad. If you are interested in Kaiser or whatever IMG is offering, I suggest you go to their product training or whatever seminars, get their schedules and locations even webinars as I saw someone comment something about it and LEARN FROM IT. 2.) 1 . It is the best I have ever known because it is 3 in 1. How to Become an IMG Member (Paano Maging Member)? In addition, we deal with some of the country’s best universal banks.”. 5.) It is the official Healthcare provider of the government leaders inthe Philippines. They have one accredited hospital but the doctors in the hospital are not accredited. On the 2nd quarter of 2012, I got myself a healthcare plan from kaiser International Healthgroup through their brokerage firm International Marketing Group (IMG), popularly known in the Philippines as IMG. The managers themselves are also governed by government regulations. When you avail of a Kaiser … "Yan respond ng customer care nila, imagine my second payment dated 20August until now 16November2020 ay hindi pa verified nakaka apat na akong bayad pero sa OPMS record nila ay 3 pa lang kasi pending verification pa daw? We will have numerous local and international speakers, including Bo Sanchez and Rex Mendoza.Please see http://ready.trulyrichmakers.biz/. This comment has been removed by the author. Pwde paki pm nlng po sa fb account ko po mam para matulungan ka namin..maraming salamat po..Pm to Josie Musaeus. They made a mistake and it's me who's gonna explain!I was so pissed but I still made a letter because that's their requirement. Any faults, mistakes or unnecessary occurrence during my paying period is my responsibility. LACK OF EDUCATION AND LEARNING are the most common thing that leads people to have a mis-understanding and also ignite people to immediately response a negative feedback, but afterwards, when somebody learned about the facts then thats the only time that you will say, "oo nga, hindi ko pala naintindihan noon". During the Extended period your room and board will be charged to your unused Yearly Health Benefits. That is just plain stupid don't you think? It is hard to help someone unknown. It is the best I have ever known because it is 3 in 1. A few weeks after applying I received a email with a link to do a online assessment test in which I … You will get a ticket number as reference for future communication. It has hospitalization, life insurance … You can reinstate a lapsed Kaiser policy for up to two years, with option to pay the previous premiums with interest, or re-date (just continue paying without penalty).Please go to https://www.facebook.com/trulyrichmakers.biz/ and send me a private message with your contact information.I can also try to reconnect you with the team who invited you.If you also enrolled as an IMG member, you can attend the free workshops, and free product training ( our mutual fund training is very popular among new members ). Thanks po. It is NOT sold as life insurance. hi...i am an IMG member, a direct agent for kaiser insurance. The IMG members who assist those who get Kaiser plans are independent referral agents for all IMG partner companies, including Kaiser International Health Group and the mutual fund companies.We undergo continuous training year round, and pay P800 per year for accreditation. My agent is always reachable and regularly checks on me. This was my first savings program together with mutual funds as it already has healthcare, insurance, and investment all in one ULTIMATE product. and i told my self that any lender that rescue my family from our poor situation, i will refer any person that is looking for loan to him, he gave happiness to me and my family, i was in need of a loan of $360,000.00 to start my life all over as i am a mother with 2 kids I met this honest and GOD fearing man loan lender that help me with a loan of $360,000.0.Dollar, he is a GOD fearing man, if you are in need of loan and you will pay back the loan please contact him tell him that is Mrs cynthia corvin, that refer you to him. Should there be no claim made during this period, members will avail the Long Term Care Benefits at the end of 20th year. However, all IMG members are required to undergo training and seminars and this is a continuous process. Grabe sistema nila napaka hi-tech...sobrang bagal magverify..Magbabayad na uli ako for November due date pero OPMS ko kung titingnan ng technical advisor kulang ako ng isang buwan...kasi nga 20August2020 hindi pa verified..BTW thru IMG payment ginawa ko nyan, kapag direct Kaiser thru BPI online mabilis mag update...baka ginagamit pa muna ng IMG ang binayad bago pa iremit sa kaiser.... An agent from IMG invited me to subscribe for K-35 plan in Kaiser International Health Group on April 2012. Our content is free because we may earn a commission when you click or make a purchase using our site. Kaya kapag nagkaproblema sisi agad sa ahente.Any room for improvement? With 2 years allowance for policy reinstatement due to plan lapsed. Kong gawin mo namang career wala ka din naman pinag iba sa nga insurance agent na nag aalok ng insurance at healthcare...Tanong kong IMG member ka stable na career ba ito, baka malaki pa gastos mo sa palibreng kain at gasolina ng sasakyan mo papunta makati kaysa kikitain mo again tulad ng comment ng isa sa taas jan...Mrs ko gastos gasolina papuntang makati, pakain sa mga invites nya, di naman cguradong mag members...Ang sabi ng mga mentors nya sa IMG mga millenials ang target na ma educate eh wala naman pera yan pang membership sa IMG, so gastos ka lang pakain sa kanila....If someone can convince me that this can be a profitable career I will shift from being a contractor into a IMG agent!! Hai naku Mr. Raven..taga davao ka kamo?..gidaot ra jud nmu ang Kaiser unya gipromote nimu ang PRULIFE..pag sure dha uie...e broadcast na sa media kung isog jud ka..wa ra jud ka kasabot sa systema..Ang ingon ni Bo. If the planholder dies w/in Extended Period, the contract shall be considered terminated and his/her beneficiary named in the contract shall be entitled to the corresponding cash value. So it is worth it to offer this to OFWs? 28 Customer Comments & Reviews - see all comments. I was also invited to attend seminars at IMG Makati; what I observed was, they are only concern to the people they bring or invited in the seminar. Maganda ang layunin ng IMG and kaiser, gusto ko mag member and kumuha ng plan but the problem is how? So now, whether I get small cash value it's better that to be stressed again!!! In the event that modifications, suspension or changes are made, they … Kaizer has the great products too compared to other HMO companies offering heath card products. Like me dealing with customer service is stressful. The member may buy another plan only upon full payment of his policy which is on the 6th year. Now as store owners or sellers for this matter, they are doing THEIR PART. It can also be referred as the paying period. 6.) Members is covered with Term Life Insurance during this period. 4.) I remember my boss/mentor told me that you need to find a company that will also teach and train you aside from just making the sales pitch, and that is what IMG is doing. That time 1601 per month ang hulog ko. The room and board benefit is covered only during the Accumulation period. Kaiser Permanente earned the number 1 spot in our annual Best Health Insurance Companies review. Poor quality is … Hello po ask ko po sana what if kapag naging memeber ka na po ng IMG..dapat po maging member din po ng kaiser po? Where can we get the ID and the Policy? Gray Raven might have forgotten this site already, as her last port/comment is dated March 3, 2016 more than a year and a half ago.Please visit the pubic Facebook Group Kaiser/IMG Talk for more information on Kaiser or IMG. Kaiser health insurance is offered in eight U.S. states and the District of Columbia, and has historically received positive ratings for quality of care. Your payment is under processing at the moment. 3.) Rosa Laguna, Calamba Laguna, Dasmarinas Cavite, and other locations:http://bit.ly/seminarmakati, Kaiser offers HMO products or investment (VUL) products?and are they following IC (insurance.gov.ph) guidelines? Kaiser Permanente health plans around the country: Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., in Northern and Southern California and Hawaii • Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado • Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Georgia, Inc., Nine Piedmont Center, 3495 Piedmont Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30305, 404-364-7000 • Kaiser … Health insurance; Private health insurance gives access to more comprehensive private healthcare networks, offering a lot more than HMOs do. Literally, before i joined IMG, i was an active and licence agent of Insurance Commission, so i'm a professional agent but I still joined the IMG because IMG has the great partners when it comes to financial education. Let me know how can I help. Your plan matures and reaches its maximum value in about 11 more years, during which you have health and life protection.Kaiser is paperless and the main avenue for billing and payment issues is via the customer portal OPMS. I just wanted to ask kung yung total payment ko po na binayad for 7 years ay ang amount na expected to yield 5-8% per year?Thanks in advance! There is no such thing as RISK FREE investment, we take risk in order for us to gain. Hi, I am also facing a problem with Kaiser International Health Group. I applied online at KP careers for a customer service representative-master position in early August 2017. It might be a miscommunication with the agent, (take note that person is just an agent trying to earn by selling something he/she doesnt even fully understand) or maybe something in the contract that doesnt really fit in with your lifestyle or whatever. bro, clinic hours is 6am to 8pm monday to saturday then close sila inig sunday. Read 2 reviews for Kaiser International Health Group, Inc.. Real reviews by real company employee past and present here on JobStreet.com Philippines. It is your initiative to commit yourself to learn and take advantage of the system.It is truly satisfying to be able to reach many Filipinos and share about financial literacy. And I'm talking to you Ms. Gray Raven if you are still visiting this blog, and everyone else who thinks like her. Cigna Health Insurance Review. Try to attend our financial literacy program,before you judge our company...Financial Education is a solution not an opinion... We need to recruit 5 members and to sell 5 kaiser to become MD in a month which is unrealistic. I hope this info is useful for you.If you can't find answers, go to https://www.facebook.com/trulyrichmakers.biz/ and send a message.No promises, but I will be happy to help.Bobet PrudenteIMG TrulyRichMakers Makatip.s.When discussing details, it would be better if discussion is shifted to private mails and chats. Plan will be lapsed for non-payments, 60 days after due date (grace period). 8.) If you want Kaiser, attend a Kaiser product training. 2.) Ikaw ba gusto mo ang hahawak ng goal mo ay Ibang tao... Kaya nga education ang mission ng IMG kasi ikaw tuturuan mismo... Pwede kang mg ask during training para maidirect sagot sa inyo. It says IMG teaches us to save but I've spent a lot meeting people to present the products and treating them for meals or drinks at the same time. Answer: IMG Website – http://img-corp.com/ Merun po ako kaiser k 35 plan. I got very dissapointed with their computation. This is like marrying someone and then if things don't go well, he/she will just find a person to blame.And if you really are honest of your Kaiser experience, why not post it in your Facebook account so that your friends can also know about your bad experience. There are some companies that provide this type of insurance … they were just trained. I also have a kaiser plan. In your case, the receipts are sent to Landco ( according to your article ).The nice thing about Kaiser billing is that if you can show proof of payment ( and if you paid electronically, the proof is in some emails in our inbox ), they will eventually sort it out, even if the history is multiple years already. The acknowledgement (and therefore the receipt) for the payment is in the billing statement, whether paper or electronic.In the case of Kaiser, the billing is also electronic via OPMS.Kaiser does issue paper official receipts, but they are sent to the forwarding office, where the account is lodged, for distribution by the account officer who invited you to get the plan. Within the app, customers can access their health insurance … 1.) My only recommendations is before signing up you should at least time to make a research, hindi lang sa IMG kundi sa lahat ng inaalok ng tao sa atin! Nominated patient must be an immediate family member of the Policy holder or within the 1st degree of consanguinity. I am getting old and I want to look forward to my retirement in 20 or 25 years time that has no problem on the claiming process. Then all of a sudden you get dandruff and now blame the shampoo, blame the store, and blame the company who made it. It is the official Healthcare provider of the government leaders inthe Philippines. I have all the Kaiser Acknowledgement Receipt and Affidavit to support my claim. 28 Customer Comments & Reviews - see all comments. tell me if u sign, i hve an on going communication with the agent, she invited me to sign up,,, hmmmp,,gudluck to us.. hello, may I interupt with your convo,,, it is better for you guys to attend the seminar on kaiser short term (every wednesday) and kaiser long term (every saturday) for you to address all your quries,, but if not possibel,, u cna also do via webinar.. a live web portal while you are staying at your home,, its just as if you are in the meeting as well.. i can bu your kaiser plan,, just tell me when.. contact me,, 09264648858,, or email me at jarleyjohnvillaruz@gmail.com. Im planning to be a member and get a policy from this group. If you guys serious of helping our countrymen, lets help each other without greedyness. In some areas, Kaiser and Health Net go head to head. 7.) Question No. 2. Ang bagong member like sa comment ng isa sa taas pag naka sign up kana, pera na ng IMG plus bumili ka pa ng imsurance additional commision ng mentor mo...DI BA TAMA?To become a member ano mapapala mo? much better to deal with license. .plan konto get it tonhelp my parents ease sa check up routine. That man also let me pay arround Php 3000 to be a member of IMG so that I can be an agent too which I also paid in full. yes, they are. One thing more, to be a MD we need to have 5 people who will be a member at the same time avail the kaiser in one month. Anyway, goodluck and I am not too sure of going ahead. I was told that the cash value of my policy is just Php.11,229 only. I'm one of the happy and satisfied IMG member and kaiser policy holder as well...if it sounds interested to you, please don't hesitate to PM me in this fb account: joud nuez....best regards. Hi have an account dati parang 3months ko sya nabayaran tapos NG lapse na lng din,. However, on the 6th year onwards, you can avail of your medical needs using your own set of providers and then file for reimbursement within your allowable health benefit. they were just trained. All IMG transactions are aboveboard and compliant with all Philippine laws.Kaiser Ultimate Health Builder is a long term healthcare product. Wala naibalik na pera sa akin.. napaghatian na ba nila yun.. Anu katarungan yun.. pasagot PO sa tanung ko PO,, sinu kumuha NG pera ko PO.. pwede bang I claim yun. This is for security reasons. Answer: Can I take the Value of Long Term Health Care after 30 years? I felt cheated because I didn't study it thoroughly. It is like saying one bad Filipino is enough to conclude all Filipinos are bad. Be brave, if you are really sincere.By the way, Kaiser is the official HMO provider of the House of Representatives of the Philippines. 1.) agents from IMG are not licensed under Insurance Commission. For very particular plans and … I also received a copy of Kaiser's follow-up email to IMG but sad to say until now there's no feedback. 6. This is what I appreciate about IMG because their advocacy is to help every Filipino family.I suggest,thorough research would be of great help for you to make your decision. Answer: You need … Remember that bank manager who was implicated in the $81M scam? kaiser international health group Philippines; Information about kaiser international health group at Sulit.com.ph Online Classified Ads. Just to let you know that kaiser product is SO EXPENSIVE compared to other companies. Health insurance, just like any other financial product that you wish to acquire, requires research and complex decision making. Can I still use my Kaiser? Ty, Hi po mam! You can also send a PM to the group admin.If you are an existing IMG member or Kaiser plan holder, please write to support@img-corp.com, Visit Kaiser/IMG Talk at https://www.facebook.com/groups/KaiserIMGTalk/Learn more about IMG TrulyRichMakers at https://www.facebook.com/trulyrichmakers.biz/Learn more about saving and investing in our free financial seminars in Makati, Las Pinas, Quezon City, Sta. Its simplier.Kaiser has limited hospital accreditations. He is also a licensed life insurance and mutual fund advisor for the number 1 life insurance company in the Philippines. You may also use the comment section below. Members can enjoy the Medical and Dental Benefits with no effect to Your Long Term Health Care Bonus. I have just bought a Kaiser-100,000 plan. Our health plans give you options to cover the benefits you and your family need. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. She asked me if we could meet up in SM ecoland so that she can issue me the cheque and let me sign some papers. Wag nyo po kasing gawin ang isang bagay kung kulang naman pala kayo sa kaalaman.aralin po muna nating mabuti at paturo po tayong sa mga totoong mentor ng ating company na IMG. However,  all pre-existing illnesses are covered during the extended period, long-term care period and extended benefit balance period which can be charged to the annual health benefits, total health benefits and annual lifetime healthcare benefits respectively. Frequently asked question from their website: Frequently Asked Questions from Kaiser Website. They probably have a weekly Kaiser product seminar there, by a Kaiser representative who can explain the fine details of the exact plan that you have. Example: if you will not hospitalize this year, you will not use your money this year; then you need to renew another annual fee to make sure you are covered the following or present year....then in that case, you cannot expect return of your money coz they are simply HMO company. Ask ko lang how much ang makukuha kong cash pagdating ng maturity date ko. It is not just in the Philippines, but the entire life insurance industry in the world, and that’s “Premium Income.” Premium Income is the revenue that an insurer receives as premiums paid by its customers for insurance … 4.0. Your family coverage with the employer’s healthcare plan is given to your husband as part of his employee benefit and continues to be available as your husband is employed with the company. Should You Have Any Question, Please Contact US and we would be happy to respond. ), asked her to send the cheque to me. I opt not to.. Kaiser is legit and international. I applied online at KP careers for a customer service representative-master position in early August 2017. The total amount can be withdrawn or added. Now it should be your responsibility and of course naturally be your prerogative to DO YOUR PART as well. I have two policies with kaiser. This is a warning to everyone, be aware and informed before signing up to any contract... We have some new members who enthusiastically invite people to get Kaiser plans, and then disappear. I was hospitalized in Villaflor Memorial Hospital in Dagupan, a Philhealth accredited hospital, I was been treated of Endoscopy and colonoscopy and we spent more than 30k, my wife ask the hospital admin and the people who are in-charge of processing medicard, sad happened Medicard did not covered my hospitalization, i even complained it to my company why was that happened. John Nazer Ang, agents from IMG are not licensed under Insurance Commission. In 7years hndi pa lalago pera mo dyan lalago yan after 8yrs mo, Hello, I just applied in kaiser k-50 today can i cancel it?thank u, Continue po maam so far I don't have any problem for Kaiser. A total of Php 2,500 is required as Policy Fee but can be paid on a yearly basis of 500 per year. I hope the company dont just employ people without complete understanding about the policy to avoid complaints and dramas in the process. Asked the agent for a copy of the contract provisions so you can study it before committing, signing and paying. Basically, I am now on my 10th year, the one with Long-Term Care Benefit.Can't really understand the schedule of benefits Kaiser sent me, together with the VISA card (which I don't know the use, as well).There's just a table that shows "Schedule of Extended Benefits", "Schedule of Cash Value" and "Schedule of Additional Cash Value.Just want to know if I could deactivate my account and withdraw my money by October, which is a month after my 10th year? Now my total contribution to them is Php. https://bestcompany.com/health-insurance/company/kaiser-permanente Anong gagawin kung may problem ako sa IMG? (Pre Existing Illness), 5.) Sa America nya po yun nakuha. 3.) A. Kaiser is definitely not a scam and therefore regulated by the government. Disclaimer: I am a member of IMG (International Marketing Group), accredited broker of Kaiser, and I earn for every policy that we can close. Why Kaiser … It is also approved by Department of Health to operate as an HMO. This Kaiser Permanente review will cover Kaiser Permanente ratings by real users for overall satisfaction and claims, cost, billing, and service satisfaction. 1.) If the planholder dies w/in Accumulation Period, his/her principal beneficiary named in the contract shall be substituted as the new member but with no longer insurance benefit. Hello. It is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a health care provider and broker for other health care companies. Q: How sure am I that I can get the benefits during the years as promised? i would like to understand it more. We call them "lu-li" for "lulubog, lilitaw." And you can tag Kaiser and IMG. It is not just in the Philippines, but the entire life insurance industry in the world, and that’s “Premium Income.” Premium Income is the revenue that an insurer receives as premiums paid by its customers for insurance … I know what I'm doing. Planholder to seek Kaiser Approval for its availment. Kahit anong tago ni agent kung pera lang ang habol nya sa kliyente maamoy pa din eto kaya nawawala na ang "trust" in between.Information. KAISER's goal is to assist and provide our health care … In the Philippines, a private health insurance is usually bought by the individual voluntarily. Policy holder should agree to avail only of the services of Kaiser’s accredited Doctors and affiliated network of hospitals. Write a Review. The member can avail of these two outpatient benefits after paying fully paying the first year’s premium. From my personal experience, I would not encourage my family and friends to invest in Kaiser. Bagong member ako ng IMG pero nagdadalawang isip n ako bumili ng product nila. I received an email from Kaiser Int'l that my account was already lapsed since my credit card did not accept their charges. Meron na bang members na nag benefit from kaiser after maturity of plan? Kaiser Permanente Auto Insurance Review (2020) Reviews Kaiser Permanente auto insurance reviews aren't available because they are a health insurance company. This means that their customer support do not have an updated system. I am after with the investment side not the health benefits as I dont stay there, but I cant afford to make mistake and find another one. Actually, any IMG member will help you.I'd be happy to help you get reinstated. Answer: Learn more. Kaiser Long Term Health is a Medical Insurance that aims to give you a financial support for your health when you get old. Licensed to operate in the Philippines – Check the Insurance Commission’s list of licensed insurance firms [1] to see if the companies you’re considering are legitimate. Kaiser hotline by the way here in vismin is 2321144 and 09228638948. regarding sa imoha 1st query bro, … knowing the risk that majority of the insurances company have no good credibility and always ended up agony to most of the plan holders. Selling insurance products and mutual funds without a license under Insurance Commission is illegal. I have just bought a Kaiser 35,000 plan and would want to have a bigger coverage. I cannot promise that the company will still be there after we became old, but one thing is for sure. But after the contract sign-up, you will go on your own. You might be stressed out in getting claims. Ah free seminar lifetime pa, free training lifetime uli etc...eh ganoon din sa networking lifetime insurance kuno at kong ano ano pang freebies!!! Seminars are being booked but members contribute to the cost of the venue. Licensed to operate in the Philippines – Check the Insurance Commission’s list of licensed insurance firms [1] to see if the companies you’re considering are legitimate. I bought my plan thru IMG - Davao but the agent who sold me the Health Insurance Plan is under Manila. "The pending payment you posted on your Online Policy Management System (OPMS) is still being validated by Kaiser. Yung long term benefit ba at age 65 withdrawable in cash or in form of refunds for health related expenses? 3. I am so glad that I ended my contract with Kaiser, and I will not live back to that horror again. But they are very slow to act. If you want mutual funds, you are supposed to attend mutual fund training. She would not even disclose the name of that person. It is up to you to decide. And KAISER's system comes best due to its long term care. If the person who invited you can no longer be reached, you can contact any of the other team members. Note that the insurance coverage is minimal and the investment does not really give a good return. A lady with a great testimony I live in USA and i am a happy woman today? You may also use the form below to ask for quotations Be sure to Confirm your subscription. We have several mutual fund trainings every month, not just in Makati, but in several other centers. Like you my money paid to them is almost 90K. anyway i accept suggestions. Dig in further about IMG and you will appreciate the wide opportunities and benefits you can earn from it.I am an OFW, registered nurse, currently working in Saudi Arabia, an international member of IMG. Kaiser … It only means that people they invited in the seminar is just a number to them; an additional member to add as their downline, just like other multi-level marketing. Unless you invest it fully in mutual funds or long term investment in stock market which you can expect to have returns/interest/income for your retirement fund or etc... Go for traditional HMO w/o investment links.

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