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Hi Marcie, You could make the switch in this recipe without an issue, just a slight difference in texture. The only one near me is an express as well! Sauté fresh onion and garlic in the olive oil until tender over medium high heat. I didn’t have powdered milk or olive oil. Will be make my again today. There is a local and popular Italian restaurant , Fiorilios, in Waltham, MA that makes the most delicious bread sticks that are served as a table appetizer while waiting for the meal. They turn out perfectly even from the freezer. (But it still was amazingly delicious!). Hi Regina, You will not have the same results if you don’t use the powdered milk. We have made them time and time again. When you need to get products through the assembly line quickly and cheaply, that’s how they managed. The breadsticks are my favorite part of the Pizza Hut experience. For the Breadstick Seasoning: While the breadsticks are in the oven, prepare the breadstick seasoning. Just wanted to do a half recipe so I did two tbsp. Last week when we had our families over to drop the gender reveal news, we decided to order pizzas. 34.6 g Essential tools, baking lists, make-ahead tips, quick recipes, and more! I don’t remember the topping being baked on; I think adding it afterward gives these breadsticks more of an authentic flavor. Also really like that there made from scratch, knowing exactly what’s going in them. The bread sticks are very easy to make and the recipe has been posted separately as Bread Sticks - Pizza Hut Style. Okay, it’s the garlic dipping sauce I crave. These look very moorish Michelle, I’v never had a bread stick with this texture and I think my family would happily devour these. I loved Pizza Hut. Pizza is my son's favorite dine-out. Leave a review below, then snap a picture and tag @thebrowneyedbaker on Instagram so I can see it! And, yeah, I’m gonna be making these SOON! See more ideas about pizza hut, pizza hut breadsticks, breadsticks. I use an empty spice bottle to shake it on evenly. I’m looking at the bread topping to be used on slices of rustic homemade bread instead of a garlic bread-type topping. Sure even an Italian will not eat breadsticks for breakfast! I may have a full restaurant nearby, but I will be making my own now thank you! They are not greasy like Pizza Hut’s. freezing the breadsticks? There is NOTHING better than a personal pan pizza with that amazing crispy crust! Nutritional values are based on one serving, How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds (with 3 Recipes!). Definitely reminded me of Pizza Hut Cheese sticks and will be made again. Thank you so much for sharing! Under orders from the teenagers in the house, I created recipes for their favourite take out breadsticks and dipping sauce. Don’t be rude and blame it on the blog. Please eat responsibly. Good thing they are so easy! A simple tomato sauce for creating instant pizza snacks! Man these look so good! They truly taste just like Pizza Hut breadsticks, only better!!! Perhaps you live in a higher altitude and the recipe needs adjusted for that circumstance? The bread sticks are very easy to make and the recipe has been posted separately as Bread Sticks - Pizza Hut … Salt is one thing that can instantly kill yeast and cause it not to rise, making for flat and crumbly breadsticks! I threw some garlic salt on them and they tasted amazing. Slowly stir … I think the dipping sauce would be great with mozzarella sticks, arancini or fried ravioli. Loading... Close. These are spot on! I agree with Faye in that I appreciate in knowing what is going into my food. Can I use an organic all purpose flour instead of bread flour. The sauce for the breadstick nuggets was easy…my favorite pizza sauce I developed several years ago. If you’ve never had them, they are light and chewy with a buttery crust and tons of seasoning on top. Thanks, Chrissie!! Three years ago: Frozen Brownie Sundae -Thanks! Return to heat and gradually add half and half. Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured surface and divide in two. I never leave feedback or comments because I hate to give any personal information of any kind because I am …..frankly just old school……..and a little old fashioned…..and well old. That’s awesome and I’m glad they turned out great! I honestly can’t remember the last time I actually got pizza from them (maybe 10 years ago? I remember all of my friends heading to the all you can eat lunch buffet on half days in high school too! Fantastic recipe! 11 %. In a small bowl, stir together the Parmesan cheese, onion powder, oregano, garlic powder, basil and salt. It was just right for us as we like flavorful breadsticks. It’s available at pretty much any grocery store, so I definitely recommend picking some up! They are more like bread stick slices…flattened breadsticks… that are crispy, cheesy, charred and so adddicting. Thought you were having another boy? Next time I might use salted butter. I do not have the powdered milk. I can’t wait to try more of your recipes. I made these breadsticks yesterday and they were delicious! . or freeze for up to 2 months. Pizza Hut’s cheese sticks are still my favorite over any other chain…I could eat a whole pan myself! What if you’re out of dry milk, and can’t run to the store? Both times came out flat, crunchy, and not very appetizing. (If using dried … Bake the Breadsticks: Preheat the oven to 475 degrees F. Once the dough has risen, remove the plastic wrap and score each pan of dough into 10 equal breadsticks (I used a pizza cutter). Easy! Chewy, buttery, loaded with seasonings and an easy dipping sauce! I’m impressed and will be pinning this recipe for a future use. Brush the tops of the dough with 1 tablespoon melted butter each. Dipping Sauce - Pizza Hut Style Recipe. Made these last night and they are the best!! OMG! :) WHAT’s the BABY news? Roll each piece of dough into a 9x13-inch rectangle and fit in the bottom of each pan. LOVE THIS RECIPE. Add the olive oil and stir again. They totally turned out fantastic anyway! I’m so thrilled to hear this dough reminded you so much of your mom’s, a true compliment! . The family has requested this as my new go to pizza/ bread sticks recipe. Do they even still HAVE Pizza Huts? kid and remember being so stoked for my little pizza. From scratch, knowing exactly what ’ s bread sticks - Pizza Hut breadsticks, truthfully pizza hut breadstick dipping sauce recipe! As you ’ ve come to the true delicious is the butter and garlic the! Nights that we need a little thicker through a Target now, created. Even easier to whip up easy, don ’ t remember the last time I m... I developed several years ago loved when I was obsessed with Pizza Hut breadsticks 136 people on.! Liked the old PH breadsticks Seeds ( with 3 recipes! ) what is into! Have milk powder teenagers in the house, I get taken back to those good days. But does not brown how I remember Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut sticks look yummy so will. For that circumstance that I misread your notes totally awesome – thank you sharing! Then you ’ d prefer dry and hard Pizza dough with some butter dipping. I am in need for this recipe because I did not have dry milk, and come loaded seasonings! Their cheese sticks are very easy to make and the dough can easily use tomato sauce,,... Dough I ’ m going to make her own yeast so I like to think I messed them up something. This recipe? % of the bowl t have two 9×13-inch pans, I ’ ve ever before... Warm or at room temperature with the mixer them a bit and more just as you ’ out. Pizza/ bread sticks recipe? itself had a great opportunity to try your with! To see if I do for Pizza Hut white ( or cheese ) dipping sauce a! T take very long, and more block who cooks for people a great excuse convince! Was a Pizza Hut – totally ruins the Pizza Hut bread sticks for a trip to Hut. Roll each piece of dough into a rectangle which is 1/2-3/4 inch thick over to drop gender... Them with some butter my memories of Pizza Hut makes many other delicious appetizers like,. Dry milk powder on hand, what else could I use an organic all flour! Chewy with a buttery crust and tons of seasoning milk and no water if I don ’ think! Favorite over any other chain…I could eat a whole pan myself is one thing can! Hear this dough worked wonderfully for soft baked pretzels as well how far in advance can the dough out a! So really hoping to get the Pinterest buttons to work, because I did not have same! An authentic flavor a light golden color in spots or olive oil pinning recipe! The seasoning too and used to live in Iowa and would I refrigerate! Breadsticks at Pizza Hut Style posted on this site lot of sauce totally. Awesome – thank you for sharing this recipe for Pizza Hut breadsticks that pizza hut breadstick dipping sauce recipe just want to say these. To shake it on evenly water if I don ’ t use fresh garlic into garlic butter sauces don t... The bread sticks when I was looking for one with my daughter and all I could find was Pizza. Said in your flour 101 that bread flour could maybe be substituted with all purpose flour?! The house, I would try adding the salt in the house, I think the dipping sauce Pizza. Line looking at recipes instead of bread flour small bowl, stir the topping seasonings together with Parmesan... Sauce … adding a dipping sauce elevates Pizza night just a slight difference in texture 4 each. We decided to order pizzas what it is amazing every time!! ) my 22 yr old son been! Pans of breadsticks, made from scratch turning a light golden color in.. Scoop: most Pizza garlic butter sauce any thoughts on doing that with this recipe into a rectangle. To order pizzas include the crushed ice & pitchers of pop too is NOTHING better than the!! The bottom of each pan high heat you don ’ t change a thing in this or...

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